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My Strange Family

Life Insurance… not a conversation people want to have, but is one of the most important things families can have in place.

My husband and I never looked deep into life insurance until I became pregnant with H. It was quite overwhelming at first and it was hard to filter through all the different options and plans out there. So I decided to ask one of my friends from college who has his own company Life and Annuity Solutions to give an easy to understand overview of the different plans and why it is important for families to have life insurance.

How do you find a good life insurance policy?

You can choose between term, whole life, universal life, index life, variable life. What is right for you and your family can be different then what is right for your friends family. Each one of these types polices has a place…

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Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 7


🎉As of today, I’m down 4⃣ more pounds with Jenny Craig!

I’ve been told that my weight loss journal {here on my blog} & my fairly noticeable results are inspiring. Two of my friends have even signed up for the Jenny Program. To top it off, there’s a deal going on this week. If you sign up Sept. 13 – 16 you’ll get a whopping 50% off ANY program. WOW! Call the number on the photo for details. ☎

Back to me… LOL. It’s kind of funny to think of THAT word… Inspiring. Often, Ive been referred to as inspiring. Hearing, “Jen, you are a confident plus size woman.That’s so inspiring.” always made me feel great. A bit ironic now though, considering this NEW journey of mine is one of weight loss. Super cool nonetheless. 💚

Here’s to hoping that you too are “inspired” by my journey. & ready to head down your new path.

My Program:
🍴•1500 calorie set meal plan via Jenny Craig
🙅•Insanity exercise DVDs for approx. 40 minutes 5-7 times per week.

🍓Cheers to feeling great!

xo, Jen

Some Toddlers Learn the Hard Way


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This IS a WHOLE box of Disney Princess Band•Aids! Meet our newly defiant, don’t let me forget sneaky, almost 4-year-old, Addison.

After getting home from work today, prior to seeing our babysitter Meghann out, I notice that AKA hasn’t been around for a little while. I call to her & a faint little I-know-I’m-in-trouble voice responds (from upstairs).
AKA: “Yes?”
{Well mannered right?}
Me: “Come down here please.”
AKA: “Ummm… I’m coming. In just a minute Mommy.”
Me: Now! 3, 2, … What are you doing?
AKA: (Bandaid in hand & sassy as heck.) “Ummm… I just needed a bandaid for my ouchy!”
Me: Where’s this ouchy? Show me.
AKA: (Pointing to her belly.) “Here.”
She lifts her shirt & Meghann & I gasp! It took every millimeter in us not to laugh, loudly. {You did — right?}

After a much needed time-out (so Mommy could compose) I made her learn the hard way as she pulled each & every Disney Princess Band•Aid off her chest. I cringed as she yanked the one off her nipple. Super ouch!!!

Lesson learned? Let’s hope.

xo, Jen