Toddlers | Mischievous Painters?

With all of yesterday’s home improvement, the girls decided to repaint {some of their prize possessions &} part of our house’s interior! OMG!

I was in the bathroom {changing into my swimsuit} for less than 5 minutes. I walk out to find both girls {looking mischievous} with paint brushes & paint pallets in hand looking like Disney’s Alice in Wonderland & the deck of cards who were “painting the roses red.”

I lost it! Basically transformed into the Queen of Hearts! LOL! Asking, “What are you girls doing?” DEA3: “Paintin’.” {All matter of fact.} & Me: “Obviously. Where we’re you painting?” AKA4: Burst into tears. Delaney immediately grabbed a baby wipe & guided me to all 8 wet paint locations.

All wiped up and ready to swim… now. Another eventful summer day with kids.

❤ Jen &

Our Mini-Carseat Dancing-Disney Inspired-Home ✌Improving✌-Picassos


Family Home Improvement Project {Papa & his Girls}

It only took two trips to Home Depot to find the perfect window to replace a vintage 1940’s window {it was painted shut & had no screen} in our 1980’s add-on room that, until today, was our ✌Hot Box✌ of a room. Always at least 10° warmer than the other parts of the house.

Both girls did their share of ✌helping✌Papa. Once again, here, you’ll see that Addison4 is defying Papa & wasting the drill’s battery.

Don’t mess with a girl & her power tool Papa. LOL!

Here’s a proud Delaney3 showing off Papa’s handy work. We couldn’t wait to get that puppy open to cool off our family room.

Looks great. Thanks for helping us out & putting up with hundreds of questions Papa! We love you!

Big shout out to our favorite home improvement channels HGTV & DIY for your how-to programs & the best home improvement ✌teachers✌ out there.

Cheers to DIY!
xoox, Jen