PJ Debacle Ends in Song

While putting Delaney’s fitted pajamas on tonight we noticed a hole in the toe, leading to this song…

Me: “There’s a hole in your jammies dear Delaney, dear Delaney. There’s a hole in your jammies, dear Delaney a hole. There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza…”

DEA4: “Shhh, Mommy. My turn. There’s a hole in the {whispers} horse’s bottom, the horse’s bottom. There’s a hole in the horses bottom, dear Mommy a hole!”

Bwahaha! I had to bite my tongue.
She’s passed out now. 💤
20140228-215831.jpg 😂 Still laughing!
Cheers to the gifted mind!


“Let them Eat Cake!”

Me: “What’s grandma trying
to do to us?”

AKA5: “Tell us she loves us Mommy!”

Me: {Nodding in agreement.} “True.”

RE: Daddy bring home a
giant plate of cake.

{Out of the mouths of babes.}

Cheers to
❤️ Jen