Singin’ in the Rain & 5 Indoor Activities // Rainy Day

My 5-year-old, Addison is enjoying the rain. Singing. Splashing. Simply thrilled. ❤

Apposed to getting wet?
Take the fun inside.

Here are 5 rainy day activities:
1. Build a fort.
2. Finger Paint
3. Bake
4. Play a game: My girls are addicted to Halloween BINGO.
5. Pass out the musical instruments & put on a family parade.

Cheers to Rainy Days!
xoox, Jen

Preschool Homework

Preschool Homework:
She says, “16 is too many… This is boring Mommy.”
I asked what boring meant.
She replied, “Boring is tired & jealous.”
{Interesting answer for a just turned 4-year-old.}

Cheers to Ms. “Marfa”!
For getting her to comply @ preschool. 😳
xoox, Jen
P.S. This is 34 fives, not 16.


Mommy on the Go… vol. 33 // Pumpkin Spice

Mommy on the Go... vol. 33. // Pumpkin Spice

What’s your favorite fall color?

A 3-year-old’s Prayer

A 3-year-old’s Prayer

{At playtime, this is what I overheard Delaney 3 saying & Addison 5 repeating.}

“Dear Lord,
Thank you for horses thank you for cupcakes thank you for flowers thank you for giving us this house thank you for the whole world, stars and our family. Our husbandly fodder.

xoxo, Jen