Children’s Fashion: The Dragon and the Rabbit // Giveaway

As a mother of two young girls, I appreciate fashion forward clothing that is visually pleasing, made well and feels comfortable. The icing on the cake is when my preschool age daughter’s fashion options mimic the style of fashion icons. Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ classic A-line silhouettes, Twiggy’s Peter~Pan Collar and Audrey Hepburn’s tailored breakfast at Tiffany’s style. All of these timeless attributes are featured in adorable pieces made by The Dragon and the Rabbit.

I was first introduced to The Dragon and the Rabbit via a contest that I won on Facebook, I chose the whimsical Tulip Dress for my four-year-old daughter and I became immediately fixated on the feel of the natural cotton fabric and the quality of the design. Swoon.

Their color pallet represents all seasons and has a array of on trend patterns. Stripes, plaids, florals and polkadots make for the most adorable outfits. This line has items for both boys and girls that coordinate beautifully. My sister, My Strange Family, and my handsome nephew are The Dragon and the Rabbit fans too! I just adore his Long Sleeve Skyline Polo Shirt seen below. IMG_0038.JPG

For the holidays, I decided to dress my family in red and navy blue. During our earliest years I had them in matching outfits… yes, I’m THAT mom. This year, I allowed them to choose their own dresses. (Unbeknownst to them, they will coordinate fabulously in their The Dragon and the Rabbit dresses.) I’m thrilled to pieces. IMG_0035.JPG

Thanks to The Dragon and the Rabbit, getting into the holiday spirit is going to be even more pleasurable. One lucky Dancing in Carseats reader will be able to choose one of the following pieces from their sweet collection: PETER PAN DRESS or BURNT ORANGE PLAID SHIRT
Cheers to Dancing In Carseats & Happy Holidays!
❤ Jen

Pssst… I was not compensated for this post, just provided with an item to giveaway to one of you. The Dragon and the Rabbit will be responsible for prize fulfillment.

All opinions expressed here are my own.

To enter this quick giveaway, all you need to do is click on… a Rafflecopter giveaway 👈 HERE.

Good luck! 🍀

Joovy Groove // Stroller Review

Umbrella strollers are essential for a growing family. When your kid has outgrown the travel system, and you need a stroller for getting around town fast, that does not take up a lot of space, many parents opt for an umbrella stroller. With so many lightweight strollers on the market it can be hard to decipher between them all. So, here is my review of the Joovy Groove umbrella stroller, one of my go-to everyday strollers.  Even though the Groove is lightweight it is still very functional.
Joovy Groove Stroller Review
Stroller Checklist:
Is the price point under $300?
Yes, the $199.99 price tag on the Joovy Groove may sound a tad high for an umbrella stroller. But, the quality and grit of this particular one is well worth the price.

Can it be folded with the seat attached?
This stroller has a seat that is permanently attached and cannot be removed therefore it is able to be folded with the seat attached.

Does it have a cup holder?
Technically, this stroller has four, YES – 4, cupholders two for the baby and two for me. The placement of the “Essential Parent Organizer” is perfect and allows me to stash all of my mommy essentials.

Are the tires foam or need air?
It makes me so happy knowing that I don’t need to worry about a flat with the Joovy Groove since the tires are foam.

Is the seat forward and rear facing?
The forward facing seat allows my baby to see the World as we stroll. The high-back and wider seat frame is perfect for toddlers and leggy preschoolers too. 20140316-110352.jpg

Is the storage space large enough to hold a bag of groceries?
The under storage is large enough for a bag of groceries and I’ve been known to hold grocery bags on each of its sturdy handles as well. This is one hefty umbrella stroller!

Can I fold it with one hand?
It takes one hand and one foot to fold. Holding a sleeping baby? No problem. Still drinking your coffee? No problem. Folding is a breeze.

Can I push it with one hand?
Pushing with one hand for any long period is a tad difficult.

Can it be used from birth?
No, the Joovy Groove stroller can accommodate a child from 3 months up to 55 lbs.

Will it fit in the trunk of my car?
With a handle height of 42.5 inches, full dimensions: 45.2 x 11.0 x 10.0, it fits nicely into the trunk of a small car.

Recently, in my Chevy Traverse, {See my car review.} I fit an open Joovy Groove — I was giving Greenie as a gift at a baby shower — along with another stroller, a filled gift bag and a few other items into my trunk!

Bonus Question: Is it easy enough for my tall husband to push?
As mentioned, the handle height is 42.5 inches high which makes pushing super comfortable for tall parents. No hunching over. No back pain. This is a great umbrella stroller compared to the others on the market, it’s perfect for travel and leisure // everyday use, for the average-sized person and tall parents alike.

Room for improvement?
Hmmm… The only thing that I would improve would be to change the dual-handles to one. I have found that having only ONE handle makes for better, single-handed, smooth steering and maneuverability. All of which come in handy when you are a new parent.

Interested in joining the Joovy Family too? Visit their “Qool” website here: Joovy

Cheers to Happy Strolling!
❤️ Jen

Mommy on the Go featuring Joovy Groove

Fashionable Girls // Matilda Jane Clothing // Gift Card Giveaway

It seems that every time we leave the house I receive compliments on my daughters’ sense of fashion. Hearing, “Your girls are the most stylish kids I know.” makes this Mommy smile.
Matilda Jane Kids Fashion
One brand that has me and EVERYBODY swooning is Matilda Jane. Their versatile patterns are made to mix-n-match with other Matilda Jane Clothing & items already in your closet, allowing even the youngest in my brood to style herself so sweetly. Their *Paint by Numbers* line is filled with bold colors that are just perfect to coordinate with myself and the whole family for that matter.

{Styling Tip: When leaving your home, plan ahead for family photo opportunities by coordinating colors with each family member. I even have my wonderful husband “trained” to consult with me prior to dressing.}
Matilda Jane Kids FashionAddison’s selection features: Turtledove Knot Top {her absolute fave}, Gallery Leggings & oh so soft Stippling Tee. {The moccasins are my own, from Freshly Picked.} Matilda Jane Kids Fashion Matilda Jane’s fabrics allow my girls to look amazing while whirling, jumping and playing make believe. Their looks are über fashionable… from everyday play to the perfect birthday party look. My sweeties wear Matilda Jane here, there & everywhere.
“It’s all about keeping a little girl…a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness.”
– Denise DeMarchis, designer and founder.
Matilda Jane Kids Fashion Thanks to the generous folks at Matilda Jane, my Carseat Dancers & I have a $50 Matilda Jane Clothing gift card to give away to one lucky Dancing in Carseats reader!

Cheers to Style!

Please enter via this –> Rafflecopter link. <– Good luck!

New Boxing Day Pastime//Reindeer Games

So, today’s Boxing Day {the day after Christmas} and our family has a new tradition… Deer Wrangling!
Reindeer rides, courtesy of Mema. {To purchase a 3D Inflatable Deer & have reindeer games of your own visit Bass Pro Shops.}
A visit from our local fire department {they were just driving by & stopped.}
The kids were thrilled to sit in the driver’s seat. {Shhh… Mema hopped inside too.}

A lovely trip to the park completed a great day…
What a fantastic day!

Cheers to Family!
❤ Jen


Cheers to Blogging! // Why I Blog

Why on Earth did I start a BLOG? I teach middle school full time. I’m tired. I was the LA Fashion Editor for a plus-size eMag. I spent my free time volunteering for Backstage Creations {Still do. That’s a story for another day.} & when I had this brilliant {I wanna create and write a blog} epiphany I had two babies, under 2. Not on purpose.

Side Note: I’m okay with having back-to-back babies, now. 😊 Just to clear “things” up, my IUD failed – causing me to have our second daughter one year & eight days after our first daughter. Yep, two in diapers, two in strollers, two in highchairs, two who would cry to try to express their needs and wants. 😳 Ha! You could call me a baby expert. Thankfully, AKA was an easy baby because, DEA, her baby sister, wasn’t so easy.
Needless to say, our life is crazy-busy-fun, on most days! With quick click access to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, it was easy for me to share my everyday. Especially helpful since I never {Uhhh, still need to get right on that…} even started a baby book for DEA.

As the girls began to speak I’d quote them, tell of their daily antics {I can’t even count the number of times that someone would suggest that I write a book. Honored.}
Posting daily photos of the girls, our family, mommy & toddler fashion, and my “go-to” family-with-baby necessities became my calm way of regrouping at day’s end. Having a blog made sense. Keeping family & friends in the virtual know, of our crazy-busy-fun, always laughing right along with me and my dear husband. He’s so patient. *Insert chuckles {HERE.}

Observing my successes, and creating a “name” quickly led to building a lifestyle blog. With the guidance of my beautiful stay-at-home-mom sister – Kristin Strange (who started her blog My Strange Family about 6 months before me), attending thrilling events, a few perks and reading inspirational words of other amazing Mommy Bloggers like: Big City Moms, Savvy Sassy Moms, the little style file and Mom Trends would, and still do, drive me.

Here’s a photo of an HP event, at the glamorous Dwell Studio, that I was fortunate to attend with my sister.
Time was spent focusing & blogging on everything I do & love… from tips for dressing fashionably, shopping and traveling with kids. Sharing must-haves for moms {sometimes even dads}, babies, toddlers and beyond. Music, milestones and motivation are my passion; here, I assist and inspire other moms to be confident, savvy & lovers of their everyday.

Here are a couple of my fave examples of what I’ve created for my blog:

Each Mommy on the Go… collection includes a stroller, posh oversized bag, on trend outfit & accessories. {Along with links, not shown here, taking my readers directly to the site to purchase featured items.}
Each themed Toddler Trend… collection includes a book, toy, snack, on trend outfit & accessories. {I create collections for both girls & boys, they’re usually separate.}
I’m a mommy // wife // friend // plus-sized // confident // fashionista // savvy shopper // decorator // totally random // self-proclaimed photographer // writer // editor // blogger // talker // teacher // coffee lover
{Not always in that order.}

Our family is ALWAYS laughing, OFTEN Dancing in Carseats , asking, “Did that just happen?” & loving our crazy-busy-fun life. Every second of it! The great, the chaotic & the oh my God!
So that’s it! That’s why I started my blog. ❤

Cheers to Blogging!
xoox, Jen

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