Back-to-School // Transitional Kindergarten

This evening, the girls and I paid a visit to Addison’s ✌stomping ground✌ … Transitional Kindergarten. Her teacher was sweet and has been working wonders with our brilliant babe. {By the way, she already knows the Pledge of Allegiance, spells RED & GREEN and knows the parts of a book.}


AKA4’s in the PM class so her teacher teamed up with the AM teacher, who kept referring {8 times — But who’s counting? LOL!} to their classes as “Transitional Kin-knee-garden!”, for back-school-night. 😳 Other than those 8 flubs, I was highly impressed.

So proud of her work… ❤ 20130822-221926.jpg Thrilled to pieces to share the “Big Kid Playground” with her sister. 20130822-223814.jpgn They even nicknamed themselves the “Playground Princesses” and played so well together. 20130822-224433.jpg
Cheers to a great year!
xoox ❤ Jen 20130822-224644.jpg

Learn with Homer // Educational iPad app

Learn with Homer is an all new interactive educational app for children ages 3 to 6. Being a teacher, I often hear about the latest and greatest phonics programs claiming they will teach my child to read. These programs often come with a hefty price tag and little interest. Learn with Homer has proven to be quite the opposite. 20130808-224041.jpg
In-app purchases start at $1.99. I know! Super reasonable, right?
I encourage my girls to be 21st Century learners by giving my three and four-year-old the opportunity to play interactive games on my iPad early in the morning, as I’m preparing dinner, on trips in the car and visits to Starbucks.

My Carseat Dancers found Homer, his friends & their antics a joy to interact with. Both of my girls are especially fond of the colorfully illustrated books found in the app’s library, catchy songs, sweet poems & tools for being creative. 20130813-223923.jpg
Another added bonus is that Homer gives each learner the opportunity to choose hats for their own character icon. This icon uses their own photo… So personal & the girls thought it was super amazing!20130813-215607.jpg I’m impressed with Learn with Homer. Check it out for yourself!

Cheers to 21st Century Learning!
xoox, Jen


Took AKA4 into the restroom after TK school today & noticed that she was wearing 2 pairs of princess underwear.

Me: “Why 2 pairs of panties?”
AKA: “You did it. In the morning Mommy.”
Me: “I did?”
AKA: “Yup, you must be so tired too.”

{She was in bed early tonight.}

(Worn out. LOL!)

xoox, Jen

Thrills for the Girls // Alone Time for Mommy

This week has been quiet. Productive… but quiet. Our Carseat Dancers are having a thrilling summer visit with my parents as I prepare to go back to the grind and while my hubby is working, nonstop.

They’ve been out & about to the beach, Legoland and Sea World. Lucky little California girls.
Here, they’re at Sea World riding a carnival-type-spinning ride. {Alone.}

They’ve gone to the park. 20130801-194939.jpg {Photo editing app: #aBeautifulMess.}

& Tinkered with their creative sides20130801-195033.jpg {Photo editing app: #RhonnaDesigns.}

Excited to see the girls tomorrow; I’ve missed them. Although, quiet {alone} time has been… well, enjoyable & quiet.

Cheers to spending a bit of time alone!
xoox, Jen