Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 7


🎉As of today, I’m down 4⃣ more pounds with Jenny Craig!

I’ve been told that my weight loss journal {here on my blog} & my fairly noticeable results are inspiring. Two of my friends have even signed up for the Jenny Program. To top it off, there’s a deal going on this week. If you sign up Sept. 13 – 16 you’ll get a whopping 50% off ANY program. WOW! Call the number on the photo for details. ☎

Back to me… LOL. It’s kind of funny to think of THAT word… Inspiring. Often, Ive been referred to as inspiring. Hearing, “Jen, you are a confident plus size woman.That’s so inspiring.” always made me feel great. A bit ironic now though, considering this NEW journey of mine is one of weight loss. Super cool nonetheless. 💚

Here’s to hoping that you too are “inspired” by my journey. & ready to head down your new path.

My Program:
🍴•1500 calorie set meal plan via Jenny Craig
🙅•Insanity exercise DVDs for approx. 40 minutes 5-7 times per week.

🍓Cheers to feeling great!

xo, Jen


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