Toddler Trend Tuesday | vol. 25 | Featuring: 2012 Olympics


2012 Olympics: Opening Ceremonies {Living-room Conversations}

DEA2: “THAT’S a Queen? A real Queen. Hmm! Well, my a Princess.”

AKA3: “Mommy, It’s tel-e-vision… the swimmers can’t hear you!”

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Mommy on the Go… | vol. 24 | @So_SoHappy t-shirt {Giveaway}

Last weekend I was given the opportunity to work in the Backstage Creations Celebrity Gift Suite at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. What fun! Three of the items in this collection, plus loads more, were gifted to each performer and presenter on the show as a thank you for participating. Ooohh… and one of you, my valued readers, will have the opportunity to win this So So Happy t-shirt! (Size M) Please locate the “How to Enter” section at the bottom of this post for details.

::Items in this Set::

  • So So Happy Womens Tshirt: Ozzie Burn Out, Blue

    ** $26 –     So So Happy Womens Tshirt: Ozzie Burn Out, Blue

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GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader will receive the above pictured So So Happy t-shirt (in size Medium) to add to their wardrobe.

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What is your favorite recipe for healthy eating?

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The Giveaway will run from today until Wednesday Aug. 1st at Midnight PST. It is only open to US Residence. As always I use to select the winner. Good Luck!

*I was not compensated for this post I just received the So So Happy t-shirt as a thank you and chose to use it in a giveaway*

Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 2

It’s been one week with Jenny|Set|Go and I’m down 6 pounds.

Old school diet brain washing is SOOO not what’s happening with this new Jenny lifestyle of mine. I get to eat! {Wow, I hadn’t realized the reality of a portion. But, now I do and I’m conscious about my food.} I get to snack! {I have to protect my stash from my 2 and 3 year-old daughters though. 🙂 } And to top it off, the food is good!


Breakfast                              Lunch                          Dinner


My favorite meal happened to be Jenny’s Florentine Breakfast Pizzas. OMG! This new found love is ironic considering I am NOT an egg fan– at all. But, after devouring this perfectly-flavorful-fluffy plate of goodness I wanted to do nothing but LICK my plate! Yum. {Well, the calories are measured out for me… I didn’t want to leave any behind. LOL! Really.}

With this meal I added a cup of plump blueberries and a latte.  The blueberries were picked, by my CarseatDancers and me, fresh from our local patch… the Temecula Berry Co.  Yummy! It’s a good thing we went pickin’ when we did since Blueberry season has officially come to a close. My next meals will be accompanied with whatever seasonal fruit is available.



This Jenny grocery bag is HUGE! For $6 and some change it’s sooo worth getting. My Jenny consultant and I were actually able to pack one week’s worth of food in and we had room to spare.  Once I got home I unloaded the dry foods and placed the whole bag into our freezer. FULL!


Jenny’s Metabolic Max FIT Armband and Activity Manager by BodyMedia™ I’ve been eying the Metabolic Max accessory package which includes a plethora of online tools that work simultaniously with the Jenny Craig food and fitness goals. It measures calories consumed and burned and gives accurate insight into metabolism of the person wearing it. It suggests what you’re lacking and what is working.  In the high-tech media world that I call reality this tool is such a cool addition to the Jenny program. Maybe I’ll pick one up next week.


I’ve been doing a 45 minute walk daily and have tried the warm-up for the Insanity workout twice.  My hubby and Carseat Dancers have even joined me. Who knew working out would be so invigorating?




:: VIDEO Message::        Our Journey with Jenny | vol. 2

::Carseat Dancers::

AKA3: “Mommy your food looks really good and healthy.”

xo, Jen

Mommy on the Go… | vol. 23 | Summer style

This  Mommy on the Go… is strutting her summer style.

::Style Tip:: 

Wearing a tan maxi dress like this one from Forever 21 allows you to add pops of HOT pink without looking over done. Adorable!

Items in this set Include:

  • Flounced Maxi Dress
    $25 –     Flounced Maxi Dress
  • Leather Zip Front Satchel
    $110 –     Leather Zip Front Satchel
  • Alkemie Sand Dollar Ring
    $154 –     Alkemie Sand Dollar Ring
  • Oasis Malibu Bangle Stack

    $9.94 –     Oasis Malibu Bangle Stack

    {I just LOVE the texture & color pallet used on these bangles!}

  • Dkny Sunglasses, Dy4080
    $90 –     Dkny Sunglasses, Dy4080
  • Lurex Trilby Hat

    $12 –     Lurex Trilby Hat

    Hot Pink Felt Flower Pin     Hot Pink Felt Flower Pin

    {Easily pinned onto your hat or anywhere; the possibilities are endless.}

    • Triple Weave Jean Belt
      $8.50 –     Triple Weave Jean Belt
    • Cheap Monday Coin Necklace

      $12 –     Cheap Monday Coin Necklace

    • Essie Navigate Her Spring Nail Polish Collection 2012
      $8 –     Essie Nail Polish Collection 2012
    • Itzy Ritzy Snack Bag

      $9.99 –     Itzy Ritzy Snack Bag

    • Glaceau Vitamin Water, Focus Kiwi-Strawberry, 20-Ounce Bottles (Pack Of 24)

      $38 –     Glaceau Vitamin Water, Focus Kiwi-Strawberry

    • IKEA Potatischips Saltade
      $1.69 –     IKEA Potatischips Saltade
    • 19 Sweet Picks From Kate Spade's Spring 2011 Lookbook
      Kate Spade via Andrea Fellman, SavvySassyMoms
    • Sealife - Starfish - California Seashell Company     Sealife – Starfish – California Seashell Company
    • STOKKE XPLORY Summer Kit Pixel Pink

      STOKKE XPLORY Summer Kit Pixel Pink for the stroller below.



      Happy Summer!

      xoxo, Jen

Toddler Trend Tuesday | vol. 24 | featuring: Disney’s Ariel

Our 3-year-old Carseat Dancing Princess just learned to swim “WIFFOUT floaties!” Thanks to our swimming EVERY-single-day of summer vacation. Are you in the same proverbial boat? Here’s a collection of more summer fun that you could grab for your ‘lil princess. {To purchase items, just click on the link below the photo.}

Fish Sticks!


Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 1

Hi, I’m Jen! Welcome to DancingInCarseats. My sister Kristin & I are happy to have you join us on our “Journey with Jenny.” (Jenny Craig) With support from our Jenny|Set|Go consultants and each other we (& you) will be able to stay motivated, share weight loss tips, exercise routines and updates on our transformations.

Dear Body,

We need to start eating healthier! It’s time to exercise regularly by taking the Carseat Dancers on a daily walk (& trying a bit of Yoga & a dash of this Insanity madness too.) We’ll start by visiting our local Jenny Craig facility and sticking to their RULES. I vow to check in weekly (on the BLOG & with my sister) to stay up-to-date & motivated as Jenny will give us that “extra kick in the pants that we need” to rock this temple. Ok, it’s time to let this journey toward a healthier lifestyle begin. Ready or not? Jenny-Set-Go!

Cheers to better health!

xo, Me

P.S. Oh, and we don’t even need to count calories… Jenny has done all of the counting and measuring for us.  Whoo hoo!




This is vol. 1 of my video blog. Enjoy!

Mommy on the Go… | vol. 22 | Chillin’ in Comfort -TOMS

 This fashionable Mommy on the Go is all about style and comfort.  Chasing after your toddler is made easy in this ‘Gauze’ dress from Old Navy and pair of classic TOMS shoes. So fashionable too.

Items in this collection can be purchased through the following links.

P.S. For every pair of TOMS shoes purchassed, TOMS will donate a pair of NEW shoes to a child in need. “One for One”  — LOVE this! x

Toddler Trend Tuesday | vol. 23 | Astronaut

This trendy little Astronaut is, as Disney’s Buzz Lightyear would announce, headed “To infinity and beyond!”

tems in this set

Luxury found in a 7-Passenger + Crossover Vehicle! 2012 Chevy Traverse | Car Review

Luxury Found! | 7-Passenger+ Crossover Vehicle| 2012 Chevy Traverse

This Car Review is by a Mom with toddlers. Enjoy!

Every so often my hubby comes up with the absolute best ideas. “Maybe we should consider getting a family car.”  He didn’t have to say that twice! I pounced on the idea figuring that he would swiftly realize what he had just suggested – GETTING RID OF HIS BELOVED TRUCK. Wow! Having always been anti-minivan, I knew that my mommy intuition needed to be hyped up for our “family car” buying experience. Comfort for my carseat dancers, my hubby, other passengers and style for myself became huge factors in determining what we were looking for.

I’m all about keeping my options open and was not dead-set on one particular make though I quickly became fixed on finding a 7-passenger Crossover. Scouring the Internet led me to this narrowed down list of options: Traverse by Chevy, Flex & Explorer by Ford, Santa Fe by Hyundai, Highlander by Toyota and Sorento by Kia. To my husband’s dismay, we visited EVERY last dealership mentioned (even stumbled upon a Dodge dealer to check out the Durango) and ended up back where we started this car perusing “fieldtrip.”

That being said, I would like to introduce you to our new family car:

The Chevy Traverse

Chevy prides the Traverse as being one which “Turns heads as EFFORTLESSLY as it turns corners;” a statement, which couldn’t have been truer. My husband has always been a Chevy truck owner so my expectations prior to test driving the Traverse didn’t ever ponder the idea of luxury until sitting in the pilot seat.

Yep, I said luxury and this crossover has it all – a sleekly designed exterior (we chose the brilliant ‘White Diamond Tri-coat’), roomy lush leather interior and a highway fuel economy that offers 24 MPG. This vehicle could, not that I’m suggesting anything, comfortably accommodate two adults and 5-6 carseats! {Just an FYI: This was pointed out to me by my sister who heard it from a Mom Trends event in NYC.} Our model has four bucket seats and a full-size third row bench across the back allowing for 7 passengers but you may choose one with two bucket seats and two rows of benches ultimately seating 8 adults comfortably. Either way, your family’s needs are met beautifully with the stylish and roomy Traverse.

Did I mention that the experience while sitting in the pilot seat was incredible? Both the driver and front passenger have heated and cooled seats, outside driver’s and inside rearview auto-dimming mirrors, back up camera and a power liftgate. The “clicker” on the key makes opening and closing the liftgate easy as pie as it is a hands-free process with the Traverse. Speaking of hands-free, this vehicle comes fully equipped with Bluetooth® which is always a plus in states whose law requires hands-free cell phone use while driving. We have Sirius XM Satellite Radio and are now OnStar safety ready. There’s even an available SkyScape power front sunroof and fixed rear skylight… Um, that’s two sunroofs! Love them!

With an MSRP starting at $29,510 I’d like to suggest that you too crossover to the luxurious Chevy Traverse.  Mommy, Daddy and our Carseat Dancers are thrilled and Daddy only misses his Silverado a little.

Happy Travels!

xo, Jen


P.S. Please visit me on Pinterest and follow me on Twitter @CarseatDancers. {I just recently went dark  🙂  }

You can start building your 2012 Chevy Traverse by clicking HERE

{Of the photos used one was from & one from}