Hudson Kids! : Denim for kids. 

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about that one pair of cozy jeans? You know the ones, the “go-to” pair that not only feel great on but look fabulous too! Would you believe me if I told you that I found THAT pair in pint-size? They’re Hudson Kids! Jeans by Five Star Apparel – NYC 
So, immediately after being introduced to these jeans, I quickly found myself “Oohing and Ahhing” over the soft quality and exceptional stretch of the premium denim Hudson uses. They don’t overstretch and do maintain their shape throughout the entire day. I am SO loving these lightweight, fashionable jeans for kids. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pair of reasonably priced, designer jeans, for their child? These jeans are tailored to fit perfectly.

I knew that my daughters who are six and seven would love to LIVE in these jeans whether they be an everyday staple, for play or a even a key piece in their Back-to-School wardrobe. 

Here, my six-year-old is wearing:

Repaired Jean – Five Pocket Rip & Repair Patch Skinny

• LOVE: They are sensory friendly for my super clothing-sensitive little fashionista.

• Color: Pool

• Retail for: $55

Skinny jeans are all the rage for school-age children these days . My daughters have tried boot cut, boyfriend and numerous other styles but I have found that the Hudson skinny jeans are much more comfortable for running around in. They don’t trip over any extra fabric in these jeans – a huge plus! The higher waist guarantees that no panties will accidentally show and they are totally easy to slip on and off… Yay; they love dressing themselves!

Here, my seven-year-old is wearing:

Collin Skinny – Flap Pocket Skinny

• LOVE: It’s awesome that my seven-year-old can be so on trend & she especially loves the adjustable elastic waist band. 

• Color: Ripple Blue Wash

• Retail for: $49

This pair has the triangular pocket flaps that Hudson is known for. Fun. Classic. Functional. And oh so comfortable. Who knew that a pair of jeans would make her look so grown up? Seven going on 17. Wow! ❤️

Hudson Kids! has a number of amazing options for girls and boys, infant to size 16, coming this fall, just in time for back-to-school shopping. I’d like to highly encourage you to go instore to have your cutie pie try these on, they will immediately be drawn to how comfortable they are. However, you can order them online. Find Hudson Kids! at Nordstrom, amazon, Von Maur, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. 

Happy shopping… you will be dancing in car seats all the way home. 


❤️ Jen

Note: For this post I was provided with jeans for my daughters to try. I was not compensated for this post. All comments are my own. #SITCshoppingday

Preschool Homework

Preschool Homework:
She says, “16 is too many… This is boring Mommy.”
I asked what boring meant.
She replied, “Boring is tired & jealous.”
{Interesting answer for a just turned 4-year-old.}

Cheers to Ms. “Marfa”!
For getting her to comply @ preschool. 😳
xoox, Jen
P.S. This is 34 fives, not 16.


Back-to-School // Transitional Kindergarten

This evening, the girls and I paid a visit to Addison’s ✌stomping ground✌ … Transitional Kindergarten. Her teacher was sweet and has been working wonders with our brilliant babe. {By the way, she already knows the Pledge of Allegiance, spells RED & GREEN and knows the parts of a book.}


AKA4’s in the PM class so her teacher teamed up with the AM teacher, who kept referring {8 times — But who’s counting? LOL!} to their classes as “Transitional Kin-knee-garden!”, for back-school-night. 😳 Other than those 8 flubs, I was highly impressed.

So proud of her work… ❤ 20130822-221926.jpg Thrilled to pieces to share the “Big Kid Playground” with her sister. 20130822-223814.jpgn They even nicknamed themselves the “Playground Princesses” and played so well together. 20130822-224433.jpg
Cheers to a great year!
xoox ❤ Jen 20130822-224644.jpg

Learn with Homer // Educational iPad app

Learn with Homer is an all new interactive educational app for children ages 3 to 6. Being a teacher, I often hear about the latest and greatest phonics programs claiming they will teach my child to read. These programs often come with a hefty price tag and little interest. Learn with Homer has proven to be quite the opposite. 20130808-224041.jpg
In-app purchases start at $1.99. I know! Super reasonable, right?
I encourage my girls to be 21st Century learners by giving my three and four-year-old the opportunity to play interactive games on my iPad early in the morning, as I’m preparing dinner, on trips in the car and visits to Starbucks.

My Carseat Dancers found Homer, his friends & their antics a joy to interact with. Both of my girls are especially fond of the colorfully illustrated books found in the app’s library, catchy songs, sweet poems & tools for being creative. 20130813-223923.jpg
Another added bonus is that Homer gives each learner the opportunity to choose hats for their own character icon. This icon uses their own photo… So personal & the girls thought it was super amazing!20130813-215607.jpg I’m impressed with Learn with Homer. Check it out for yourself!

Cheers to 21st Century Learning!
xoox, Jen


Took AKA4 into the restroom after TK school today & noticed that she was wearing 2 pairs of princess underwear.

Me: “Why 2 pairs of panties?”
AKA: “You did it. In the morning Mommy.”
Me: “I did?”
AKA: “Yup, you must be so tired too.”

{She was in bed early tonight.}

(Worn out. LOL!)

xoox, Jen

Last day of Pre-School {For a While}

Today was the girls last day of preschool, at least until summer is over. I never really thought too much into Pre-school. Being a teacher myself- Middle School, I figured that teaching my own two would be {CAKE.} They’re smart. Right? With the help of Nick Jr. {I’m not completely kidding.} I can make learning exciting. Right! Boy was I wrong! Teaching your own kids is tough. At home, Addison {our 4 1/2 -year-old} usually listens. But Delaney… oh Delaney, our 3 1/2-year-old is a handful. I know it’s hard to believe, when looking at her adorableness, but it’s true. It took this Mommy no time whatsoever to truly appreciate the importance of Pre-school {it most definitely wasn’t JUST babysitting} and I’m gonna miss it these next few summer months.

What exactly were they learning at school?
Well, Classroom Etiquette is huge… To raise your hand, take turns and share the attention of others. One thing both girls are going to continue working on while on summer vacation is to be patient.

Learning Social Skills is another valuable way of life that preschool has taught them. How to compromise, the importance of being kind and respectful of others and how to effectively problem solve. All of which, their teachers rave about when my hubby and I pick them up at school. We hear, “They’re so sweet.” & “Your girls are role models. So respectful.” I’ve been known to remind the teachers, in the beginning, of which two are ours. They knew. LOL! It makes me smile to know that they are BOTH so wonderful at school.

Both teachers were exceptional. Addison’s teacher, has taught Literacy Skills where she has adopted a richer vocabulary and has grown with her pre-reading skills. AKA & DEA love books too.

Delaney is super sharp with her Math Skills, as she and AKA are on level playing fields. We practice counting, recognizing patterns and, thanks to Pre-school, she too knows ALL of the geometric shapes.

Lastly, Pre-school has helped them gain a sense of self, increased self-control (at least while there), built self-confidence and gained a spiritual appreciation for our World and why we’re here.

This photo was taken as they were being thankful for this day and their food.
{They’re the two cuties on the left.}

After picking them up from Pre-school we tried, for the first time, a round of Miniature Golf.
{We’re planning ahead for collage scholarships.}

Then at 6:00 PM we headed back to school for Addison’s performance & “Graduation” from Pre-school to Transitional Kindergarten – as she won’t make the October 1st deadline for Kindergarten. And Delaney’s performance and promotion from the 3-year-old class to the 4-year-old class. Huge milestones for both. Tonight’s celebration will be on the blog tomorrow. This Mommy needs to hit the hay. I’m the only one up… It’s 1:00AM. Zzzzz!

Good night.
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