2016 Kids! Holiday Gift Guide

This Christmas, I decided that it was important to not go overboard with spending. I picked a few items for my “Kids! Holiday Gift Guide” that your children will absolutely adore. Here is my rule of thumb, choose one thing in each category: start with something that they want, something that they need, something to wear, plenty to read, something that they take time to create or make, a treat to eat & a little something extra. From my Carseat Dancers to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas! 

Happy shopping!


P.S. Please feel free to shop directly by clicking directly on each blue link.  

1. Coin Purse – $14.99

Relic Caraway Zip Penguin

My girls enjoy spending their own money on the items on their wish list. And when they are not spending, you’re  teaching them to SAVE. This cute little coin purse is the perfect gift for any child. Be sure to give it with a little bit of cash inside.

2. Shopkins Snack – $ .47

Shopkins Shortbread Cookie Bites

Anything Shopkins is all the rage. Your  little cutie will love this snack. Santa could add a bag to their stocking. Yum!

3. Usborne Books Set – $119.99

Shine-a-Light Series 

All kids enjoy books that are interactive. The books in this series allow children to shine a flashlight behind the page, or even hold it up to the light, to reveal what is hidden in and around different places. This series encourages children to READ & discover a world of great surprise all while learning along the way. So fun!

4. Fairy Door- $24.99

Irish Fairy Door

A perfectly darling fairy door that comes with a magical key can be placed at the base of a wall indoors or outdoors against a tree as a sign of welcome for fairies—when the key disappears, the fairy has arrived! A charming gift for those who will forever believe in fairies. 

5. Custom Dress- $52.00-ish

CourtneyCourtney Dress

Have you ever had the most comfortable concert T-shirt?  Or perfectly soft piece of clothing… something that you wish you could wear on the daily? Creator, seamstress, Courtney has hit the jackpot with the sweetest dresses EVER! My daughters and niece all have her birthday dresses & ADORE them! Check out her whole line. You will want them all! ❤️

6. Kid’s t-Shirt – $21

Regulators Mount Up 

The T-shirts in the Saturday Morning Pancakes collection are hilarious. “Things that make you go hmmm…” and bring you back to those earlier years. 

7. The Shrunks Trampoline Pool – $99


Say what!?! Two products in one! As a trampoline, the sturdy construction features a jumping area measuring 50 inches in diameter. To use it as a pool, simply flip it over! Great exercise and great fun. The best “babysitter” ever! LOL! 😂

8. Lego Classic Set – $40


With this sweet Lego set your kids can be creative and build what they want. 

9. Tsukihoshi Sneakers – $59.95

Rainbow Tennis Shoes

Cool breathable tennis shoes with barefoot comfort are all the rage. My kids love the idea of Velcro & no tie laces for easy on easy off. Every kid could use a pair of the perfect sneakers. 


Christmas Wish List for Women >> Gift Guide

This collection of goods is perfect for the WOMEN in your life. I’m sure you’ll see that there’s something for every woman on your Christmas list! Is she a mom? Your best friend? Traveler – always on the go? We’ve got you covered!

I receive so many compliments every time I wear this lipstick.
MAC Cosmetics

2. CD >> Adele – 25
Hello… This entire CD has me swooning. Her musical talent is phenomenal.

3. Robe >> Charter Club Robe
Normally, I wouldn’t recommend buying her “clothing” for Christmas… sizes often vary too much. However, a robe is a brilliant gift option. This one is super cozy, perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a glass of wine {or hot cocoa} in hand. Ahhh…
$28.99 {Today’s Sale}

4. Camera >> Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
Crazy cool pictures in hand at the touch of a button!
Urban Outfitters
$80 {The current sale price is a steal. Normally this is $100!}

5. Purse >> Coach Edie Shoulder Bag
I absolutely love the modest vibe that this handbag gives off. The fact that it doesn’t have logos all over it makes it even more usable. So on trend.

6. Boots >> ‘Lambert’ Fringe Booties
OMG! These are UH-MAZE-ING!

7. Sunglasses >> SPY “Farrah” Happy Lens Collection Polarized Sunglasses
I sport these shades & LOVE them! Have you tried the polarized “Happy Lens” by SPY Optic? The color and clarity of these lenses are unreal.
SPY Optic
$42 {Current SALE price.}

8. Keurig 2.0 K500 Coffee Maker
Brewing System with Carafe
I don’t know what I’d do with out my Keurigs!?! Yes, Keurigs! I own 3. I’ve been asked by my CarseatDancers, “How many cups of coffee have you had today?” My reply: “Not enough!” Keurig has made my LOVE of coffee grow immensely.
Bed Bath & Beyond
$199.99 {Remember to use your 20% off coupon when purchasing.}

Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping!
xoox, Jen

Christmas Gift Guide >> for Boys

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That’s what little boys are made of.

Is there a little boy on your Christmas list who’s got it all? Well, we put together a Christmas Wish List sure to make every little guy swoon, even the one who has it all. We’ve picked items from Star Wars to Batman and everything in between.
1. Lego City Space Port Utility Shuttle 6007

2. Discovery Kids T-Rex Moving Figure

3. BATMAN™ Ride On Vehicle
Pottery Barn Kids

4. BABIATORS Sunglasses

5. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

6. Star Wars Yoda Character Hugger And Throw Set

7. Book: The Little Boy Who Lost his Name

8. Tucker + Tate
Fitted Two-Piece Pajamas

(Little Boys & Big Boys)

9. Hammond’s Candy Cane
Hammond’s Candies

From my carseat dancers to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas
Happy shopping!
❤️ Jen

Christmas Wishlist for Girls >> Gift Guide

Every little girl has sugar plum dreams about the goods on her list for Santa. Is the little girl in your life a girly-girl, crafter, sporty, bookworm or misfit… maybe? The “Christmas Wishlist for Girls” that my CarseatDancers and I have put together has something that every type of little girl would adore. Here’s our list of Christmas Must-Haves for girls from 5 to 12.
1. Book: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name
A personalized gift is something that will be cherished forever. The creativity in this collection of books is phenomenal. Each story is different, as the main character searches for the letters to spell the name of the child who receives it.

2. Globe – Elenco 5″ Political Globe:
Kids who dream about adventure and love to explore will be filled with excitement with the World at their fingertips.

3. American Girl Doll:
“American Girl’s mission is to celebrate girls. We embrace who they are today and look forward to who they will become tomorrow.”
Since 1986, American Girl has inspired girls of ALL walks of life. Online & in store you will find an amazing selection of dolls, books, clothes, toys, and accessories. My CarseatDancers LOVE American Girl. ❤️
Here’s my sweet AKA7 with Grace. Grace is 2015’s Doll of the Year.

4. Penny Board
These cute little skateboards are the newest trend. We are absolutely loving that they have made these a little bit more girly but still PERFECT for the sporty girl in your life. Remember to pick up elbow & knee pads and a helmet if you decide to grab or customize one of these boards.

5. Seedling‘s – My Mini Masterpiece
“Our Kits + Your Imagination = Endless Play”
Painting is one of our favorite indoor craft activities. With this sweet little ARTIST kit your sweetie will create a masterpiece perfect for any wall.
Wooden Easel
Artist Quality Acrylic Paints
Paint Brush

6. Hammond’s Candy Cane
Since 1920, Hammond’s has been creating the best Christmas treats. This JUMBO candy cane is a must-have stocking stuffer!

7. LEGO – Disney Princess – Rapunzel’s Tower
Your little one will build this cool Lego tower as Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, & Pascal the chameleon watch.

8. Justice- Fashions
The perfect Christmas outfit for my little firecracker came from Justice. They have a lovely selection of fashions for the girl in your life.

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!
Jen & my Carseat Dancers

Oh Baby! Christmas Picks >> Gift Guide

Oh Baby! – Christmas Picks
My CarseatDancers and I put together this sweet collection of goods… Perfectly perfect for the baby in your life this Christmas.

Happy Shopping!
❤️ Jen

1. BARTS KAMIKAZE {Kid’s} Trapper Hat
@ surfdome

2. Book: A Wish to be a Christmas Tree
@ Target

3. Toy: Jellycat Cordy Roy Fox
@ dispersdotcom

4. Freshly Picked >> Denim on Denim suede moccasins
@ FreshlyPicked

5. Spanish A B C Blocks
@ kissui

6. Organic Baby Blanket in Geometric Bear Print
@ lolaandstella

7. Silicone Teething Necklace – Jade
@ glitter&spice

8. Joovy BoobGlass Baby Bottle
@ Joovy

9. Holiday WinnieOnesie
@ finfirst

Our Day in The Hamptons

Ahhh… Living the Hampton lifestyle {for a day} was one that will be engraved in my memory forever. I’m from southern California and the beach is our home away from sweet home. But, I found myself intrigued by the lovely Dune Road and all of the tranquil beauty of The Hamptons. 20130712-082603.jpg
We ended up window browsing down Main Street with shop after shop filled with wonderful trinkets. My purchase of the day was this lovely Mermaid ring. 20130712-083310.jpg

Then finished our Westhampton visit with a sweet treat and lovely view from their local Beach Bakery Cafe. 20130712-085326.jpg

What’s one special trinket that you picked up on a past trip?

Cheers spending your day in The Hamptons!

Jabra Journey | Hands-Free in-car Speaker | Review

This mommy has been using the Jabra® Journey, Hands-Free in-car Speaker for over 3 months now.  Practical since I’m all about fashion over function.  I often see both women and men flubbing up fashionable trends by wearing not-so-hip consumer electronics (AKA: Bluetooth), causing me to cringe.  Mhmmm, Bluetooth earpieces are just not chic and should never, in my humble opinion, be worn outside of the car.  Please don’t be misguided though, I completely understand Bluetooth’s necessity as I’m native to a state whose law prohibits hand-held cell phone use while behind the wheel.

Did you know that violators can be fined in excess of $300?

Hence, illuminating the reality that this Bluetooth “situation” is a colossal dilemma for someone who commutes hours per day.  I recognized that the new law was being strictly enforced and I knew it was time to start shopping around for just the right hands-free device.  Hmmm… the possibilities.

Over the years I have tried device after painful/faint/shoddy hands-free device and had, through much anguish, conceded to ever speaking on the phone in my car again… Until the day that I received the Best-gift-EVER!

My sister, a Manhattan mommy on the go, sent me a Jabra® Journey Bluetooth Speaker that’s secure; clipping discretely and sturdily onto the visor of my car (right next to the garage door opener.) Sleek looking too.

Set up was a breeze.  “She,” my new Jabra, swiftly talked me through… yes, explaining in detail, the set-up process. User friendly and it worked immediately. Sweet!

Another cool feature is that you can sync your phone’s contacts to the device and “she” (similar to iPhone’s Siri) announces the incoming call by name, “Call from, Brian.”  All I have to do is say, “Answer” and our hands-free conversation materializes… easy as pie.  Making calls out is just as simple.  Effortless.

The call quality is remarkable.  Jabra highlights their Enhanced Noise Cancellation Technology (not just a figment of my imagination) which cancels out background noise AND allows my “Carseat Dancers,” AKA 3 ½ and DEA 2 ½,  to both hear and speak to callers clearly from the back seat.  Technology that is also brilliant at keeping THEIR backseat antics out of MY conversations.

Let me talk about the cost.  You can find this AWESOMENESS for merely $79.99 at www.Jabra.com or at any electronics dealer.  I know you’ll agree that every cent is well spent!

The Jabra® Journey’s longevity is impressive too.  The included car charger is super duper convenient and the speaker does not require a constant connection.  (Unlike other hands-free devices, you don’t keep the device plugged in while driving.)  I have left the speaker plugged in over night a couple of times.  Let me give you the lowdown though, it has held a charge for over a month at a time! You can talk for up to 20 hours in one cross-country sitting or get 45 days standby time.  Not that I’ve done this but stoked that it’s possible… if ever.

Jabra even comes with a proverbial cherry on top.  You can stream audio from your mobile phone, mp3 player or other device directly to the speaker, so you can enjoy music, audiobooks and even podcasts while you’re driving or take the speaker “to-go” and listen outside of the car.  Yup, pretty cool feature for anyone on the go.

5 STARS for the Jabra® Journey Bluetooth Speaker!

Ahh… Jabra®.  It’s such a relief that “Mommy on the Go” can remain stylish (no dorky earpieces here) and never miss a call because she’s driving.

This is a Hands-free Zone!

Happy Travels!

xoxo, Jen

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Glen Ivy Hot Springs | “Fieldtrip” | Mommy on the Go… | vol. 20

My dear husband and sweet daughters thoughtfully gave me the gift of relaxation for Mother’s Day this year. Mhmm!  So, when I heard that my sister @Kristrange was heading to town from NYC I immediately booked the perfect day in paradise at Glen Ivy Hot Springs nestled in the hills of Corona, CA. Brilliant!

Our lovely day started with a 50 minute Swedish Massage, continued with a leisurely float around the shallow “Lounge Pool” — {Yup, I need one of the blue-lunge-pool-floats for my personal use at home.} and took a quick dip in their famous 104* Healing Waters Mineral Bath.  Though STINKY, the calming sanctuary experience was well worth the hints of Sulphur-filled-air. Next, we felt a bit barbaric as we took a frolic in the clay waters at Club Mud®.

We walked through a rock tunnel into a land of fanciful giggles and folks appearing to be ultra-tan… not totally the case.  We realized that the laughter and coloring both derived from hardening layers of the orangeish-mineral-clay that had been lathered on in the clay water-hole and left to stiffen in the Southern California sun.  Hilarious!  We spent a couple of hours just people watching and shooting the breeze in Club Mud®.

We finished out our relaxing day (away from the reality of life-with-toddlers as I have two and three year-old daughters and my sister a one-year-old son) with a healthy cuisine of Ahi Hawaiian Poke Salad at Café Solé, final hydro-treatment in the Terrace Pools and perused the Spa Lifestyle Store where we found some serious spa essentials.  Be sure to check out some Glen Ivy products in my collection below. Our experience most definitely proved to be invigorating, something especially needed in the lives of moms on the go.

Planning a day trip (adults only) to visit Glen Ivy Hot Springs ought to be added and then readded to your Must-Do List this summer & all year round for that matter.

Cheers to healing waters!
xo, Jen

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Items similar to those in this set can be purchased at     Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa Lifestyle Store