Mommy on the Go… Vol. 33 // She’s Fresh!

This mommy has a fresh youthful look that’s fun and on trend. The teal A-line belted shift dress is airy and super cool paired with the silver T-strap sandals. You too can get this playful look. 20130729-185657.jpg
Items in this collection include: 20130729-185820.jpg
To purchase these items, simply click below. {Each link will directly take you to each vendor.}
iPhone Case
Cliff Bar – Snack
Not a mom of little ones?
{Just subtract the stroller & diaper bag…then, add a cute purse.}
Diaper bag
Cheers to looking fresh!
xoox, Jen

Dreaming // Swimming // Arrowhead Country Club

Sitting in the grad stands at the Arrowhead Country Club as they host the Sunkist League Swimming & Diving Championships. Here, our girls are dreaming of their future as {according to DEA} “Swum Chap Beans.”
Our big purchase:
Youth // Arena x-lite Mirror Goggles:
Addison chose blue & Delaney pink.
Cheers to ACC & Swimming!
xoox, Jen
P.S. Coach “Treasure” Harp Rocks! 20130727-143941.jpg

When did we become cosleepers?

We never opted for a Cosleeping, Family Bed. Even though we had babies back-to-back {not on purpose.} Even though some of our dearest friends said, “You don’t need to buy a crib.” Even though cosleeping would have probably made our earlier years as parents easier.

My husband and I knew it was important to have our own space, our own bed. So, why do I keep getting awakened {with a whole lot less space} by the cold feet of this little Goldilocks?
20130722-090055.jpg& this smaller Sleeping Beauty20130722-090328.jpg Sneaky silly girls…

This can’t keep happening. 20130722-090838.jpg

What do you do to ensure that your kids stay, and sleep, in their own beds?

Cheers to Sleep!

Swim Lessons // Hire Someone!

All through high school and into college I was a lifeguard and swim instructor. Teaching comes naturally to me, pair it with swimming {one of my loves} and life is good. Family and friends found it a tad comical that we wanted to hire someone to teach our girls to swim though.

Asking, “Didn’t you used to teach swim lessons?”

Yes, but I just couldn’t make it work; we were swimming everyday, having a blast, but going nowhere fast. My suggestions to help the girls swim were just ignored or quickly batted down. I have always heard that it’s difficult to teach your own children & to hire a professional. Prior to Day 1 of swim lessons, I would describe Addison (4) as our “Amazing Dog-paddler” and Delaney (3) as “THE Sassy Floatie Princess” who vowed to never take her floaters off. They needed swim lessons. Badly! 20130716-191913.jpg
While in the process of researching ALL of the local “Learn-to-Swim” facilities a friend of mine told me that her son was taking private lessons from a fabulous instructor. She gave me his name & number. Amazingly, he turned out to be someone I knew. His family and mine went way back. To like the late 1980s! {Miraculously, his mom, sisters, brother & I are back in contact & are up to date due to Instagram & Facebook. Gotta love social media outlets… Crazy!}

Small World!
Leading up to swim lessons I made sure to mention them to the girls along with how great they were going to be. “Coach Trevor this & Coach Trevor that…” Addison was gung-ho from the start! Delaney, not so much. {Picturing here stubborn wheels turning as she processed the thought of not wearing floaties & being in a pool with a stranger was a sight to see.}

Then came Monday. Addison was thrilled and Delaney was okay considering I bought them new swimsuits.

“Sunsoups” {DEA’s way of saying ‘swimsuits’.} were on, both girls were sunscreened up and we were out the door. Actually got there early! At first, Delaney just hid behind me until she saw Addison heading toward the pool. {She followed.} Both girls were filled with questions: “Where’s the vacuum?” & “Is Coach Trevor wearing a sunsoup?” “What’s the line on the bottom of the pool for?” & “Is he going to make us jump off that super tall diving board?” 20130716-165017.jpg
Then, Addison hopped right in. She was still asking questions, a mile a minute, totally eager to learn. While AKA showed off her dog paddle and kick board technique DEA just tapped at the water a bit. It quickly became Delaney’s turn and her defiance wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated. After some negotiating she took Coach Trevor’s hand and plopped right into the pool. Nice. A tad uneasy, but willing. {Funny thing is… there are times at family functions where she won’t even look at our relatives. Too stubborn. LOL!} Both girls laughed. They kicked. Blew bubbles. Fantastic!
At the close of their lesson, Coach Trevor asked if they’d like to dive off the diving board. Delaney said, “No fanks.” Addison happily obliged.

Trevor, even after one lesson, has done wonders with them. Thank you. Thank you!

What’s that one “thing” that you suggest hiring a pro for?

Cheers to Coach Trevor & Hiring a Pro!
xoox, Jen

{In the market for a kid’s swimsuit? Be sure to check out my Sweet Summer Swimsuits // Kids blog post.}

4-year-old in Need of Spanish Lessons // LOL!

This is from a true conversation between my mom {Mema} and my 4-year-old daughter, Addison.
Thanks to Nick Jr. our girls are often exposed to other languages and cultures.
Spanish: Dora & Diego
Chinese: Ni Hao Kai Lan

{The Goods}
Here’s a little FYI on the flip flops:
These Rocket Dogs, from Famous Footwear, are the MOST comfortable flip flops I’ve ever worn!

Cheers to Kids & their Questions!
xoox, Jen


Graco Pack ‘n Play // Play Yard // For Sale

Are you a Southern California Mom or mom-to-be?
Or do you know someone who’s having {or has} a baby girl?
This LOVED Cherry Blossom {Powder Pink & Chocolate Brown} Graco Pack ‘n Play // Play Yard would be perfect for them. It’ll fit almost anywhere… Keep it in the master bedroom, living room, a hotel room, take it to the beach…
Please let me know {ASAP} if you’re interested. I only have one at this incredible price. Thanks!

Cheers to Babies & Comfort!
xoox, Jen