Mommy on the Go… vol. 31 // Weekender {Special Edition}

This fashion forward mommy is ready to flaunt her new baby in this Andy Warhol inspired Bugaboo stroller. Posh in stripes! 20130630-120949.jpg

Bugaboo Stroller {Andy Warhol inspired.} 20130630-123719.jpg

Other items in this set: 20130630-124136.jpg

Dress: Mossimo Maxi for Target
Sandal: {black} Tory Burch for Nordstrom
Tote: Gilly Hicks
Wallet: Mango Patent
Rings: Rebecca Minkoff Silver Heart Stack Ring
Sunglasses: Swell
iPhone Case: Urban Outfitters
Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown for Nordstrom
Nail Polish: Essie for Zappos
Pick me up: Starbucks // Doubleshot @ Costco
Cheers to Fashionable Moms! 20130630-132207.jpg
P.S. I have the Tory Burch Sandals pictured & ADORE them!

Singing & Napping {Not Dancing} in Carseats

This is one of many songs sung by DEA3 on the way. Hearing her voice makes me smile, it’s so sweet.

This is how the girls spent hours & hours of this fab summer day. {AKA4 is catching air here.} 20130630-001853.jpg
{FYI: Water slides are the BEST babysitters!}
Happy 6th Birthday Avery!

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Summer Water Sliding Fun

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Our ride home was silent though, total opposite from our ride there. She lasted for less than one block before falling asleep. We had to laugh when we saw her… Yellow braid and movie STAR shades in hand. 20130629-233734.jpg

Cheers to Water Play!


1st Annual Tour de Fork // Foodie Fieldtrip

If you missed the spectacular 1st Annual Tour de Fork held on Thursday, June 20th from 6-8pm at Victoria Gardens be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for next year’s festivities. This event, benefitting: DiscoverIE, Rancho Cucamonga Library Foundation & Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce {Wow! All proceeds were donated to these local charities!} was the perfect “Date Night” for foodies. Guests tantalized their senses while sampling an array of tasty fare, lovely wines and craft beer {Oh, the hops and vines!!!} all while listening to jazzy tunes. Awww… the ambiance.
{Pictured above: Magic Lamp Inn Steakhouse & Hangar 24 Craft Brewery}

Participating Restaurants:
Corner Bakery California Pizza Kitchen Crepes de Paris Johnny Rockets {Thanks for the FREE Kid’s Meal Coupon!} King’s Fish House
T.G.I. Friday’s P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que {Yummy Banana Puddin’! Going tonight!} Slater’s 50/50 {Wow! Their Bacon Burger!}
{Pictured above: SoCal Foodies, King’s Fish House (I don’t “do” oysters on the 1/2 shell like my blogging buddy Desiree but, I do want to add that the atmosphere of this booth was fantastically fishy.) & Craft Brewing Co.}

Special Guest Restaurants:
Antonino Italian Restaurant and Bar Haandi Indian Cuisine {OMG! Their Jasmine Rice and Curry Chicken.} Aria Restaurant and Lounge Magic Lamp Inn Steakhouse [N7] Creamery {Drooling! My taste buds are still craving their Salted Caramel. Mmm… mmm!}
Craft Beer:
Craft Brewing Co. Dale Bros. Hangar 24 Craft Brewery Packing House Brewing
Inland Empire Brewing Company

Joseph Filippi Winery The Wine Tailor Galleano Winery San Antonio Winery
I adore wine and found all of the selections delicious. {I did have a favorite.}

20130625-134630.jpg {4 out of 5 stars awarded, by me, for my experience.}
Overall, my time spent mingling, munching and sipping at the Tour de Fork was great. I’d only recommend a couple of minor adjustments for the 2nd annual.
* Add at least 1 more hour to the event. {Patrons felt a tad rushed at the end and the lack of time left our pallets wanting more.}
* Have a minimum of 3 bands sprinkled throughout the pathway of treats and libations.
{The music truly helped make this an experience to remember.} Recommendation: I’ve heard the acoustic rock of Strangebrew at Hangar 24 Craft Brewery recently. They, along with another would be a great addition.
* Offer a couple of different price points for tickets as $50 was a bit high. {Although 100% of proceeds was for charity. By the way, pure AWESOMENESS!}

Can’t wait for next year!

For more information & photos head to Twitter & search: #tourdefork #victoriously @victoriagardens


Mommy’s Spa Day // Glen Ivy Hot Springs

A few other Mom friends and I needed a day to get away from the reality of our everyday. Being off for summer vacation sure has us spending loads of time home-bound & buried with kids & toys, well… aside from the quick city jaunts & daily swims & walks. 🙂

I kissed my Carseat Dancers and dear husband adios {He was getting ready to take the girls to my helpful mother-in-law’s for the day. Thanks Kay!} and hit the pavement heading a short thirty-five miles to Glen Ivy Spa & Hot Springs. Glen Ivy is a little jewel nestled in the foothills of Corona, CA. A beauty; well worth the trip.

This is the message on their site: “Whether your first or fiftieth visit, we wish you a day of healthful rejuvenation — to be yourself, to relax and renew, to celebrate and unwind, and above all, a day that leaves you feeling revitalized with a deeper sense of wellbeing.” Sounds fantastic, right? I couldn’t have said it better. {Hence my reasoning for posting their message.} This place is a must see; the results are extremely rejuvenating and oh so needed.

Here, the possibilities for relaxation are endless. Our first stop, the Terrace Pools were where we bounced back and forth from the Hot Pool to Cold Plunge to Hot Pool for capillary stimulation. An interesting feeling; tantalizing the senses.

Next, we headed toward the infamous Mineral “Baths.” {I’m emphasizing with the term “infamous” because of the Sulphur (eggy) filled steam that fills the air here. Pee you!} Glen Ivy’s geothermal hot springs who’s temperature were a relaxing 104°F truly are famous and oh so relaxing. Soaking in these waters was extremely calming and the perfect place to soak with my friends.

Just prior to lunch we headed to what ended up being our favorite spot, Club Mud. This pool is a red clay mineral bath that coats your exposed limbs, making everyone who enters appear tan. {You can’t help but chuckle at all of the mud bathers who exit the pool. LMAO!}
After slathering our bodies with the “mud” we hit the sauna then lounged in the afternoon sun allowing the clay to harden. Having a hardened face sure makes smiling a chore. We took a few photos. Then, began to vigorously rube our arms and legs… exfoliating our dead cells and exposing soft reinvigorated skin, drawing out impurities and causing us to feel oh so smooth. Talk about leisure.

Ahhhh… {We brought our own cucumbers solely for this photo opportunity.} The other spa-goers found us hilarious. Pictured from left to right: Me, Rayna, Nicole & Jenny.

We headed to lunch. The Mediterranean cuisine at Café Solé was Five Star quality and completely organic and crafted with local ingredients. Yum yum. My friend and co-worker, Nicole, said, “This food is one of the reasons why I love this place… My mom is going to be jealous.” LOL! We inhaled the delicious Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza- made with Grilled Free Range Chicken Breast, Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, Red Onions & Chipotle Barbecue Sauce. Chatted a bit. Laughed.

With full bellies and sore cheeks we stormed the crowded Lounge Pool, waited a bit {well worth the wait} for the amazing Sunsation Pool Floats and cooled off for an hour or so. The following photo was borrowed from As we were so relaxed that we forgot to take pictures in this pool and almost forgot about our lives beyond the stone Grotto walls of Glen Ivy. Really. Almost.

Such a fantastic getaway. We’ll be back Glen Ivy.

For those interested in Taking the Waters, the spa has some specials. My friends & I are teachers and to show their appreciation to us, for our teaching service, we graciously received a 10% discount on admission. To show appreciation to others who dedicate their lives to serving others, they also offer a 10% discount on Taking the Waters admission to Military (active and Veterans), First Responders (including nurses) and Seniors (ages 65+). {A valid ID and/or work badge is required.} If you’re celebrating your birthday at the Hot Springs call, in advance, to hear about their gift to you. {Reminder: Valid identification is required at check-in for proof of actual birthdate.}

Check out my previous blog entry {Mommy on the Go… | vol. 20} for thoughtful gift ideas that can be purchased in the Spa’s Lifestyle Store. A Glen Ivy gift card would be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Cheers to Moms & Rejuvenation!
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Kids are Funny! Say // Do

Has your toddler ever done and said something that has you cracking up for days? For decades, kids have been quoted {televised even} Saying …the “Darndest Things” first with Art Linkletter (1945–1969) and then with Bill Cosby (1998–2000). My girls perform and utter some of the most berserk jaw-droppers, leaving me in stitches daily. {I’m sure they get their gifts of humor from their Mommy. LOL! Love you Babe!}

Just today, Delaney ran up to me grinning ear to ear and holding a broken piece of fingernail between two of her grubby little fingers. She raised it up and proudly said, “My will put this under my pillow ANNND the Tooth Fairy will leave me money.” I had to bite my tongue. Hysterical inside.
Seconds later I broke my stinkin’ nail! Karma? Doubt it.
Cheers to a good manicure!
Tell me & my readers about one of the funniest things your child has said or done. ❤

Cheers to Blogging! // Why I Blog

Why on Earth did I start a BLOG? I teach middle school full time. I’m tired. I was the LA Fashion Editor for a plus-size eMag. I spent my free time volunteering for Backstage Creations {Still do. That’s a story for another day.} & when I had this brilliant {I wanna create and write a blog} epiphany I had two babies, under 2. Not on purpose.

Side Note: I’m okay with having back-to-back babies, now. 😊 Just to clear “things” up, my IUD failed – causing me to have our second daughter one year & eight days after our first daughter. Yep, two in diapers, two in strollers, two in highchairs, two who would cry to try to express their needs and wants. 😳 Ha! You could call me a baby expert. Thankfully, AKA was an easy baby because, DEA, her baby sister, wasn’t so easy.
Needless to say, our life is crazy-busy-fun, on most days! With quick click access to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, it was easy for me to share my everyday. Especially helpful since I never {Uhhh, still need to get right on that…} even started a baby book for DEA.

As the girls began to speak I’d quote them, tell of their daily antics {I can’t even count the number of times that someone would suggest that I write a book. Honored.}
Posting daily photos of the girls, our family, mommy & toddler fashion, and my “go-to” family-with-baby necessities became my calm way of regrouping at day’s end. Having a blog made sense. Keeping family & friends in the virtual know, of our crazy-busy-fun, always laughing right along with me and my dear husband. He’s so patient. *Insert chuckles {HERE.}

Observing my successes, and creating a “name” quickly led to building a lifestyle blog. With the guidance of my beautiful stay-at-home-mom sister – Kristin Strange (who started her blog My Strange Family about 6 months before me), attending thrilling events, a few perks and reading inspirational words of other amazing Mommy Bloggers like: Big City Moms, Savvy Sassy Moms, the little style file and Mom Trends would, and still do, drive me.

Here’s a photo of an HP event, at the glamorous Dwell Studio, that I was fortunate to attend with my sister.
Time was spent focusing & blogging on everything I do & love… from tips for dressing fashionably, shopping and traveling with kids. Sharing must-haves for moms {sometimes even dads}, babies, toddlers and beyond. Music, milestones and motivation are my passion; here, I assist and inspire other moms to be confident, savvy & lovers of their everyday.

Here are a couple of my fave examples of what I’ve created for my blog:

Each Mommy on the Go… collection includes a stroller, posh oversized bag, on trend outfit & accessories. {Along with links, not shown here, taking my readers directly to the site to purchase featured items.}
Each themed Toddler Trend… collection includes a book, toy, snack, on trend outfit & accessories. {I create collections for both girls & boys, they’re usually separate.}
I’m a mommy // wife // friend // plus-sized // confident // fashionista // savvy shopper // decorator // totally random // self-proclaimed photographer // writer // editor // blogger // talker // teacher // coffee lover
{Not always in that order.}

Our family is ALWAYS laughing, OFTEN Dancing in Carseats , asking, “Did that just happen?” & loving our crazy-busy-fun life. Every second of it! The great, the chaotic & the oh my God!
So that’s it! That’s why I started my blog. ❤

Cheers to Blogging!
xoox, Jen