Last day of Pre-School {For a While}

Today was the girls last day of preschool, at least until summer is over. I never really thought too much into Pre-school. Being a teacher myself- Middle School, I figured that teaching my own two would be {CAKE.} They’re smart. Right? With the help of Nick Jr. {I’m not completely kidding.} I can make learning exciting. Right! Boy was I wrong! Teaching your own kids is tough. At home, Addison {our 4 1/2 -year-old} usually listens. But Delaney… oh Delaney, our 3 1/2-year-old is a handful. I know it’s hard to believe, when looking at her adorableness, but it’s true. It took this Mommy no time whatsoever to truly appreciate the importance of Pre-school {it most definitely wasn’t JUST babysitting} and I’m gonna miss it these next few summer months.

What exactly were they learning at school?
Well, Classroom Etiquette is huge… To raise your hand, take turns and share the attention of others. One thing both girls are going to continue working on while on summer vacation is to be patient.

Learning Social Skills is another valuable way of life that preschool has taught them. How to compromise, the importance of being kind and respectful of others and how to effectively problem solve. All of which, their teachers rave about when my hubby and I pick them up at school. We hear, “They’re so sweet.” & “Your girls are role models. So respectful.” I’ve been known to remind the teachers, in the beginning, of which two are ours. They knew. LOL! It makes me smile to know that they are BOTH so wonderful at school.

Both teachers were exceptional. Addison’s teacher, has taught Literacy Skills where she has adopted a richer vocabulary and has grown with her pre-reading skills. AKA & DEA love books too.

Delaney is super sharp with her Math Skills, as she and AKA are on level playing fields. We practice counting, recognizing patterns and, thanks to Pre-school, she too knows ALL of the geometric shapes.

Lastly, Pre-school has helped them gain a sense of self, increased self-control (at least while there), built self-confidence and gained a spiritual appreciation for our World and why we’re here.

This photo was taken as they were being thankful for this day and their food.
{They’re the two cuties on the left.}

After picking them up from Pre-school we tried, for the first time, a round of Miniature Golf.
{We’re planning ahead for collage scholarships.}

Then at 6:00 PM we headed back to school for Addison’s performance & “Graduation” from Pre-school to Transitional Kindergarten – as she won’t make the October 1st deadline for Kindergarten. And Delaney’s performance and promotion from the 3-year-old class to the 4-year-old class. Huge milestones for both. Tonight’s celebration will be on the blog tomorrow. This Mommy needs to hit the hay. I’m the only one up… It’s 1:00AM. Zzzzz!

Good night.
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