About my Carseat Dancers

March 15, 2012

AKA: 3 ~ LOVES: playing dress up in her Disney’s Ariel costume, Little Mermaid, painted toenails, ice cream, helping Mema (her grandma) cook, counting, swings & talking on the phone.

DEA: 2 ~ LOVES: shoes, dancing, Minnie Mouse, running (it looks more like a gallop) bath time, cheese, lollypops & playing catch.


July 9, 2012

What’s in a name?

We have 2 girls (1 year and 8 days apart– not on purpose) and most days are elating.

Addison Kinsley Allo is our sweet 3 1/2 year-old.
My hubby and I came up with her name by each creating a list of names from: books, TV, friends & family etc. Addison was the ONLY name on both his list and mine. We thought Kinsley was cool especially since her initials would be AKA.

Delaney Eden Allo is our sassy 2 1/2 year-old.
After a panic attack and a good cry (or 2) we started browsing more books and racking our already new mommy & daddy brains for a new name. We decided to start with “fun” initials since we had an AKA. BRA- no… too funny, MIA- my father-in-law said absolutely not! (He was a Vietnam Machine-gun Sniper), CIA- maybe & DEA- cool yet funny considering my dad was head of the County’s Drug bust & HAZMAT team. As mentioned, we chose DEA. Delaney Eden & can’t picture her as anything else.


Thanks to Theresa Seid for encouraging me to record this… I’ve been meaning to post it here for months now.

xo, Jen
@CarseatDancers on Twitter

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