Happy Easter

:: Happy Easter :: Traditions ::

Every Easter, since I was a tot, the tradition has been to scour the house in the wee morning hours in search of your Easter basket. A basket hidden by the Easter Bunny as everyone slept.

The tradition continued this morning. Only thing was that Addison4 hadn’t been reminded of the unwritten “rules.”

{Just search. Don’t touch. Don’t tell.}

My hubby and I were startled awake as she squealed at our bedside, schlepping Mommy & Daddy’s basket, Delaney3’s basket & her own upstairs. Grinning ear to ear and wearing the Hello Kitty swim goggles that she found in her basket. Innocence is bliss.

Later… The Egg Hunt!

& Just before Easter dinner, our family photo session. {Another tradition.} Notice the frown on our adorable yet stubborn Delaney’s face; she really wanted THE golden egg.
37 pictures later…

& one with Mema & Papa too!

Happy Easter!

Who’da Thought Interior Design Could Come From…

It’s Spring Break. So, my hubby & I decide to take the girls on a field-trip, to BassPro Shops. Now, lets get this clear before you start to ponder my happenstance, I’m a California girl through & through but the hubs has ties to Minnesota. {Side note: He even went “hunting” last season. Wilderness 1 : Brian 0.} Anyway…

We walked in & I was awestruck! The decor, minus the taxidermy and camouflage, was to die for. No pun intended. The mix of masculine stone & smooth wood finishes was just perfect. Who’d a thought interior design could come from a place such as this?

While walking through I started to picture a home filled with some of the treasures here. Then wondered what you’d call a design style combined with BassPro, a splash of Dwell Studio {having just laid eyes on this ‘Chic & Polished’ jewel box last week} and a sprinkle of Tuscany?

Any suggestions on the name of my design style?



Hey, a girl can dream… Right? Someday.

All in all, we had a successful experience. We only spent $60!

Happy shopping!

Making Yard-work a Family Activity

Delaney, our three-year-old, insisted on helping Daddy work in the yard.

DEA3: “My jusss sweeping up weaves.”

Funny thing is, her stubborn antics brought the whole family outdoors. She, Daddy, Addison(4) and me. Loads of laughs and learning while caring for our yard was fantastic. What took us 1 1/2+ hours would have taken Lawn Service a mere 20 minutes. However, I would not trade that family time moment for anything. Great memories.
Love. Kids. Family.



Toddler Trends: Easter 2013

Toddler Trends: Easter 2013

Essie nail polish

Peppa Pig Easter Egg

Spring nest delight