Some Toddlers Learn the Hard Way


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This IS a WHOLE box of Disney Princess Band•Aids! Meet our newly defiant, don’t let me forget sneaky, almost 4-year-old, Addison.

After getting home from work today, prior to seeing our babysitter Meghann out, I notice that AKA hasn’t been around for a little while. I call to her & a faint little I-know-I’m-in-trouble voice responds (from upstairs).
AKA: “Yes?”
{Well mannered right?}
Me: “Come down here please.”
AKA: “Ummm… I’m coming. In just a minute Mommy.”
Me: Now! 3, 2, … What are you doing?
AKA: (Bandaid in hand & sassy as heck.) “Ummm… I just needed a bandaid for my ouchy!”
Me: Where’s this ouchy? Show me.
AKA: (Pointing to her belly.) “Here.”
She lifts her shirt & Meghann & I gasp! It took every millimeter in us not to laugh, loudly. {You did — right?}

After a much needed time-out (so Mommy could compose) I made her learn the hard way as she pulled each & every Disney Princess Band•Aid off her chest. I cringed as she yanked the one off her nipple. Super ouch!!!

Lesson learned? Let’s hope.

xo, Jen


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