Things for Families to do in NYC

A number of friends have inquired about my family’s trip to New York City. We went from dancing in car seats to dancing on airplanes, dancing on subway trains, dancing in taxis and ultimately… stepping here there and everywhere NYC style.  My sister and brother-in-law lived in Manhattan for a number of years allowing us to visit a number of cool places… All with an NYC-transplant as our tour guide. While there, I decided to take note and write down a list of go-to places. Here’s a mom’s perspective. Yep! All kid friendly. Happy travels!

The List

Brooklyn Bridge – walk accross

Shark Boat

Empire State Building


Museum of Natural History


Time Square

Doughnut Planet

Central Park 

Governors Island is a very cool place and it’s free. 

The SUBWAY – don’t rent a car

World Trade Center Memorial

The Breakdown

The day that we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge we ended up walking 11 miles! There’s an area on top only for foot traffic which gives an amazing perspective.

The Shark Boat actually goes on the body of water and takes you past all of the important landmarks like the Statue of Liberty – giving a cool perspective. There’s usually a Groupon for discounted tickets. ​

The Empire State Building has two options for ticket prices. I recommend purchasing the ticket for the MAIN DECK which is on the 86th floor. It is the one that has open air rather than windows. Feeling the breeze through your hair 86 stories high is spectacular.. No need to pay more to go any higher… if you go higher you’re looking out through windows and do not get the same effect. 

If the kids are going, many of the PARKS have water features which are pretty cool. Make sure you always have a bathing suit packed.

We had a lot of fun at the Museum of Natural History. (That’s where they have all of the dinosaur bones.) They have a price posted her ticket but are willing to take a lesser amount as a “donation” which is a nice perk. 

Chinatown is filled with decadent foods and fun little places to shop. It’s really fascinating to see the difference between all of the boroughs and areas throughout this amazing city. 

You can find a number of fun places to eat in Time Square. It’s worth it to go in the early evening so you can see all of the flashing lights. The last time we went it was super crowded, but the kids were intrigued. 

New York City is known for its number of delicious foods. I highly recommend visiting Doughnut Planet. They have the best donut I have ever eaten. Try a few. 

Governors Island was once a full-service military base for the US Army and Coast Guard. You take a ferry from the mainland across to the island, it’s free. Once there you can explore a number of military ruins… a citadel, view artifacts- like cannons, lounge in hammocks on a gorgeous greenbelt and see a clear view of the city. There are often little snack shops set up in the picnic area. 

The Subway is fun! I can take you to wherever you need to go. Make sure to get a map. Some stations have cool break dancers to watch. 

The World Trade Center Memorial is a somber place. Beautiful yet heartbreakingly sad. Seeing so many names on the memorial is an eye-opening experience. 

Enjoy NYC!

❤️ Jen

Mommy on the Go… Fashion & Accessories

Check out this Mommy on the Go… She’s loving the Joovy TooFold Stroller. She has an adventurous style and is one who’s always on the go, with her kids in tow. Be sure to check out my stroller review. –> Joovy TooFold Review

Mommy on the Go... Joovy TooFold Stroller

20140402-003319.jpg Joovy TooFold Stroller (Shown with the second seat removed.) >

Being 4 is Rough! // Excuses

This is the response that I received when I asked her to carry her own backpack inside of the house.
“I can’t. My hands are in my pockets and I’m too wittle.” {Obviously, being four is rough.} Needless to say, she quickly realized that she didn’t NEED to use her hands to help. No excuses. LOL!

Cheers to keeping it real!
❤️ Jen

P.S. It’s raining. Mommy is carrying eight, yes eight, grocery bags, a purse, trash and 3 umbrellas.

Mommy on the Go… vol. 33 // Pumpkin Spice

Mommy on the Go... vol. 33. // Pumpkin Spice

What’s your favorite fall color?

Mommy on the Go… Vol. 33 // She’s Fresh!

This mommy has a fresh youthful look that’s fun and on trend. The teal A-line belted shift dress is airy and super cool paired with the silver T-strap sandals. You too can get this playful look. 20130729-185657.jpg
Items in this collection include: 20130729-185820.jpg
To purchase these items, simply click below. {Each link will directly take you to each vendor.}
iPhone Case
Cliff Bar – Snack
Not a mom of little ones?
{Just subtract the stroller & diaper bag…then, add a cute purse.}
Diaper bag
Cheers to looking fresh!
xoox, Jen

Mommy on the Go… vol. 31 // Weekender {Special Edition}

This fashion forward mommy is ready to flaunt her new baby in this Andy Warhol inspired Bugaboo stroller. Posh in stripes! 20130630-120949.jpg

Bugaboo Stroller {Andy Warhol inspired.} 20130630-123719.jpg

Other items in this set: 20130630-124136.jpg

Dress: Mossimo Maxi for Target
Sandal: {black} Tory Burch for Nordstrom
Tote: Gilly Hicks
Wallet: Mango Patent
Rings: Rebecca Minkoff Silver Heart Stack Ring
Sunglasses: Swell
iPhone Case: Urban Outfitters
Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown for Nordstrom
Nail Polish: Essie for Zappos
Pick me up: Starbucks // Doubleshot @ Costco
Cheers to Fashionable Moms! 20130630-132207.jpg
P.S. I have the Tory Burch Sandals pictured & ADORE them!

Mommy’s Spa Day // Glen Ivy Hot Springs

A few other Mom friends and I needed a day to get away from the reality of our everyday. Being off for summer vacation sure has us spending loads of time home-bound & buried with kids & toys, well… aside from the quick city jaunts & daily swims & walks. 🙂

I kissed my Carseat Dancers and dear husband adios {He was getting ready to take the girls to my helpful mother-in-law’s for the day. Thanks Kay!} and hit the pavement heading a short thirty-five miles to Glen Ivy Spa & Hot Springs. Glen Ivy is a little jewel nestled in the foothills of Corona, CA. A beauty; well worth the trip.

This is the message on their site: “Whether your first or fiftieth visit, we wish you a day of healthful rejuvenation — to be yourself, to relax and renew, to celebrate and unwind, and above all, a day that leaves you feeling revitalized with a deeper sense of wellbeing.” Sounds fantastic, right? I couldn’t have said it better. {Hence my reasoning for posting their message.} This place is a must see; the results are extremely rejuvenating and oh so needed.

Here, the possibilities for relaxation are endless. Our first stop, the Terrace Pools were where we bounced back and forth from the Hot Pool to Cold Plunge to Hot Pool for capillary stimulation. An interesting feeling; tantalizing the senses.

Next, we headed toward the infamous Mineral “Baths.” {I’m emphasizing with the term “infamous” because of the Sulphur (eggy) filled steam that fills the air here. Pee you!} Glen Ivy’s geothermal hot springs who’s temperature were a relaxing 104°F truly are famous and oh so relaxing. Soaking in these waters was extremely calming and the perfect place to soak with my friends.

Just prior to lunch we headed to what ended up being our favorite spot, Club Mud. This pool is a red clay mineral bath that coats your exposed limbs, making everyone who enters appear tan. {You can’t help but chuckle at all of the mud bathers who exit the pool. LMAO!}
After slathering our bodies with the “mud” we hit the sauna then lounged in the afternoon sun allowing the clay to harden. Having a hardened face sure makes smiling a chore. We took a few photos. Then, began to vigorously rube our arms and legs… exfoliating our dead cells and exposing soft reinvigorated skin, drawing out impurities and causing us to feel oh so smooth. Talk about leisure.

Ahhhh… {We brought our own cucumbers solely for this photo opportunity.} The other spa-goers found us hilarious. Pictured from left to right: Me, Rayna, Nicole & Jenny.

We headed to lunch. The Mediterranean cuisine at Café Solé was Five Star quality and completely organic and crafted with local ingredients. Yum yum. My friend and co-worker, Nicole, said, “This food is one of the reasons why I love this place… My mom is going to be jealous.” LOL! We inhaled the delicious Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza- made with Grilled Free Range Chicken Breast, Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, Red Onions & Chipotle Barbecue Sauce. Chatted a bit. Laughed.

With full bellies and sore cheeks we stormed the crowded Lounge Pool, waited a bit {well worth the wait} for the amazing Sunsation Pool Floats and cooled off for an hour or so. The following photo was borrowed from As we were so relaxed that we forgot to take pictures in this pool and almost forgot about our lives beyond the stone Grotto walls of Glen Ivy. Really. Almost.

Such a fantastic getaway. We’ll be back Glen Ivy.

For those interested in Taking the Waters, the spa has some specials. My friends & I are teachers and to show their appreciation to us, for our teaching service, we graciously received a 10% discount on admission. To show appreciation to others who dedicate their lives to serving others, they also offer a 10% discount on Taking the Waters admission to Military (active and Veterans), First Responders (including nurses) and Seniors (ages 65+). {A valid ID and/or work badge is required.} If you’re celebrating your birthday at the Hot Springs call, in advance, to hear about their gift to you. {Reminder: Valid identification is required at check-in for proof of actual birthdate.}

Check out my previous blog entry {Mommy on the Go… | vol. 20} for thoughtful gift ideas that can be purchased in the Spa’s Lifestyle Store. A Glen Ivy gift card would be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Cheers to Moms & Rejuvenation!
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