Our Christmas Tree Topper

Another tradition of ours has been that the youngest family member places the angel on top of the tree. Preparing for this I arranged Addison {5} in the perfect spot for taking our picture.

… “Stand here and get ready to take the picture honey. When Mommy holds Delaney over the railing, like Superman, you will take a picture.”

AKA5: “Ok, got it!” 😊👍
AKA5: “Oh NO!!!…” {Simultaneously running toward us as she’s snapping the photo.}

Let me just say… This didn’t end well.
Cheer to Memories!
& A better idea next time. LOL!

When did we become cosleepers?

We never opted for a Cosleeping, Family Bed. Even though we had babies back-to-back {not on purpose.} Even though some of our dearest friends said, “You don’t need to buy a crib.” Even though cosleeping would have probably made our earlier years as parents easier.

My husband and I knew it was important to have our own space, our own bed. So, why do I keep getting awakened {with a whole lot less space} by the cold feet of this little Goldilocks?
20130722-090055.jpg& this smaller Sleeping Beauty20130722-090328.jpg Sneaky silly girls…

This can’t keep happening. 20130722-090838.jpg

What do you do to ensure that your kids stay, and sleep, in their own beds?

Cheers to Sleep!

Skydiving Grandma … “Just ‘Mema’ to my Carseat Dancers”

My mom, “Mema” to my daughters, is no ordinary grandma.

Here’s her story:

I enjoy challenging my fears and doing things others find crazy. For many years, I have wanted to free-fall from a plane. Thirty-three years ago, I made two static-line parachute jumps from 3,000 ft. My sister-in-law wanted to check skydiving off her bucket list, and I planned to go and watch. That morning, I decided I had to join them.

So, last Saturday, I went skydiving with my brothers, Fred and Bill, and my sister-in-law Carolyne at Sky Dive San Diego, just north of the border with Mexico.

As the plane climbed, my jump master pointed out when we were at 3,000 feet and that looked pretty high. But we had 10,000 more feet to go; the tandem jump was from 13,000 feet! As we readied for the jump, I had to sit on the jump master’s lap in order to hook together. When the large door opened, we waddled to the door, heart pounding, and tumbled out! We spun and rolled until we were facing down. Off in the distance was the horizon and downtown San Diego. It was amazing and adrenaline pumping as we were free-falling at 120 MPH! Wind raced past my ears as I stretched out my arms pretending I was flying. We turned in circles, getting amazing views of the land in all directions. As our parachute opened, I was able to get a sense of how fast we were moving when the photographer continued free-falling, dropping away from us at an incredible speed.

The drop then became quiet and peaceful as we floated for five to ten more minutes, enjoying the sights so few people will ever see without a window. We gently landed, smiles all around, pulse still racing. I checked free falling off my ‘Clipboard of Happiness’ as my sister-in-law Melissa would say!

Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 8


Back to the Jenny Craig grind! 2 weeks ago I lost 4.5 pounds & 5.5 inches. The following week I lost another 1.7. Yay!

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas, walked a ton, ate mostly salads, was mindful of what I was eating & worked on portions. Returned home. Weighed in & gained 1.4 pounds. 😡 {What 3 days can do. SMH!}

I guess that beats what I’ve gained on past Vegas trips! Blah!

I can do this! 💚

Cheers to getting back on track with Jenny & my amazing team!
XO, Jen