12 Random Facts About Me

12 Random Facts About Me:
1. As a teen, I was in the Miss Teenage California Pageant. I believe this experience is part of what’s made me the confident person who I am today.
2. I’m deathly afraid of snakes, guns & talking or singing on a microphone . -Odd combo, I know.
3. I sing well but do not sing out loud unless it’s to my kids. –Who knows why?
4. Name a celebrity and I have probably worked with, assisted, spoken to, or seen them up close & personal. I volunteer my time working backstage at award shows like the Grammys, Golden Globes, ESPYS, Teen Choice… & have for more than a decade.
5. Nearly ten years ago I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope, a condition that causes me to faint at the sight or thought of blood or pain. Crazy, I know!
6. Eggs, strawberry yogurt and seafood gross me out. {To the point of gagging.}
7. I’m an avid non-reader. I’m sure this comes from having trouble focusing & getting distracted easily. Having to read & reread pages of books became daunting over the years. No, I didn’t even read Fifty Shades of Grey.
8. I have traveled to 20 different countries, thanks to my parent’s value of exposing my sister and me to multiple cultures and providing our family with a Worldly perspective.
9. My husband and I have known each other since I was a sophomore in high school. {1994} We met officially when he, a senior, asked me to Disney’s Grad Night.
10. Our babies are 1 year & 8 days apart, not on purpose. LOL! {I don’t recommend the Mirena IUD if you are attempting to NOT get pregnant.- Learning that we were going to have baby #2 so close to our first was a complete shock! Let me add though… they are both beautiful and brilliant and we love them dearly.}
11. I was a competitive swimmer, lifeguard & swim instructor for years but needed to hire someone to teach my youngest to swim without floaties.
12. I blog. Having small girls, who’s antics are hysterical & an encouraging sister who convinced me to start blogging, has brought me to create a lifestyle blog geared toward moms… I wish I had more time to maintain it. Often, you’ll find me quoting our girls and accompanying our everyday, well almost, with pictures. — Through this, I have discovered that I’m a darn good photographer {self-proclaimed} and actually won a photo contest with Target. {No, my sister wasn’t a judge.} On my blog, I also include fashion suggestions for the whole family and reviews on products and trends. http://www.DancingInCarseats.wordpress.com


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