When did we become cosleepers?

We never opted for a Cosleeping, Family Bed. Even though we had babies back-to-back {not on purpose.} Even though some of our dearest friends said, “You don’t need to buy a crib.” Even though cosleeping would have probably made our earlier years as parents easier.

My husband and I knew it was important to have our own space, our own bed. So, why do I keep getting awakened {with a whole lot less space} by the cold feet of this little Goldilocks?
20130722-090055.jpg& this smaller Sleeping Beauty20130722-090328.jpg Sneaky silly girls…

This can’t keep happening. 20130722-090838.jpg

What do you do to ensure that your kids stay, and sleep, in their own beds?

Cheers to Sleep!


2 thoughts on “When did we become cosleepers?

  1. Hi!
    My daughter D came to my room in the middle of the night for a long time… Then someone (wish I’d remember ’cause she deserves the credit) suggested that I tell D, it’s ok to come in the night, but that she no longer could sleep in my bed. She could sleep on the setee or bring a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor…it was hard at first, it kinda breaks your heart when you hear them at 2am dragging their sleeping bag and setting it up anywhere but your bed…eventually you stop waking up and finally get some rest. And she was there every morning. The strategy did not work as quickly as I thought, but eventually she just stopped coming…maybe 1 yr later…
    And the funny thing is that as I celebrated my success I also missed her in my room close to me…:*(
    D is now 18 and going to college in the fall… We talk about those memories and laugh together about them.

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