Headed to the Museum // NYC

Ready for a NYC stroll. Headed to the Museum. The American Museum of Natural History to be exact.20130710-154526.jpg Stopped for lunch at a lovely French restaurant {Nice Matin} on the way and enjoyed a delish bowl of Ratatouille. Yum. 20130710-154714.jpg We continued our trek to the museum and were completely awestruck. Lovely massive {marble} Corinthian columns. Greeted by breathtaking murals of the worlds peoples. Memorable messages from President Theodore Roosevelt engraved in the walls of the main entry. 20130710-231303.jpg Our absolute favorite exhibit was the Allosaurus — of course. So cool! 20130710-223856.jpg This outrageous place is impressive exhibition hall after mammoth history-sprinkled exhibition hall. Phenomenal! 20130710-225425.jpg
We ended our experience there by picking up some fun AMNH museum gifts for our girls.
20130710-222652.jpg The magnetic stones are super cool!

Cheers to History!


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