NYC // Subway to Manhattan

Riding the Subway at 6AM on a Friday. {Just arrived via jetBlue’s Red Eye, CA to NY, to visit My Strange Family.}

It’s silent.

One-third of the passengers are catching up with the news, a good book {via their Kindle} or trying to beat their next level of Candy Crush. 20130705-090051.jpg Another 1/3 is fast asleep, lulled by the white noise of the passing tracks. I find it curious that these folks miraculously “know” when to pop their tired eyes open & get off. 20130705-090208.jpg The last 1/3 are those who I find mesmerizing. Bloodshot eyes gazing in to space. I wonder what they’re thinking. Where they’re going. Who they are. Wall Street seated next to Skid Row. Interesting place, this NYC. 20130705-090545.jpg More of our travels as the week progresses.

Cheers to traveling {nix kiddos.}
xoox, Jen 20130705-091257.jpg

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