Time & Kids {Oh, Mommy too!} // Routines

Ya know what drives my husband batty? The amount of time that it takes to get the Queen of sleeping-in, yours truly, and our 3 & 4 year-old Carseat Dancers out of bed and on the road {ON TIME}. A weeks worth of planning and anticipation just aren’t enough to get us up-and-at-em. Getting out of bed is merely the 1st issue here. 20130628-232040.jpg

Once we are all up, it takes me approximately 40 minutes to complete my morning routine {unless it’s super early — in that case, I’d need more time}. If baths are taken the night before, AKA4 can be ready to go in 20 minutes or less, which makes my hubby smile. DEA3, however, has been known to take an hour… Changing her outfit 4 times, even when we chose the “perfect” getup the night prior}, needing to add accessories like a necklace and belt and “shopping” for the most desired pair of shoes takes time. {She is our little fashionista.} If you know my child, you know how much she loves shoes, hence her request for a pair of stiletto Badgley Mischka sandals on our last shopping trip.

Then comes breakfast. The healthy choice of oatmeal & a piece of fruit are my go-to for feeding the girls. Daddy on the other hand is about quick & easy. Yup, that means a FROZEN WAFFLE! Why do we even buy them? LOL! Oh, about breakfast… I almost forgot to ask… Are our kids the only 2 who’ve decided that they don’t like milk? Making them choke down a cupful, with all of the whining, wastes precious time too. {INSERT A CUP OF COFFEE HERE!}

Brush teeth.

Sheesh, I’m already exhausted {just by typing up part of our morning} and I have yet to mention the part when I think we’re all ready to step out of the house and one of us needs to vacate the foyer to grab just one-more-something. We collect ourselves again and the TV’s still blaring. One of us quickly silences the boob-tube and it truly is: GO. Time. Spot check! Snatch up my purse, sunglasses, Epi-Pen Jr. {AKA has a severe Peanut Allergy} and step out the door. We get all the way to the car and the hubbs or I have forgotten the keys!

We believe that we have a routine because we all end up where we need to be. Yet, we need help speeding this process up. For my hubby’s sake & ours.

Fortunately, I’ve found Mandi’s blog, Family Your Way, where she has come up with a list of some amazing Tips for Getting Out of the House with Small Children. Mandi would be proud… I’ve already screwed cup hooks into the wall by the back door so we can hang a bag for each girl. Super duper helpful to have a bag packed {for wherever you’re headed} the night prior.

Here are a few things that I have already been doing to help with time:
*Laying outfits and shoes out. {Outfits are picked by the girls the night prior.}
*Keep keys hung by the exit door. {Assign a hook per person & or key need/specialty.}
*Limit options.
*Marry someone who’s patient. LOL!

Cheers to ROUTINES! {& needing more of them}


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