Kids are Funny! Say // Do

Has your toddler ever done and said something that has you cracking up for days? For decades, kids have been quoted {televised even} Saying …the “Darndest Things” first with Art Linkletter (1945–1969) and then with Bill Cosby (1998–2000). My girls perform and utter some of the most berserk jaw-droppers, leaving me in stitches daily. {I’m sure they get their gifts of humor from their Mommy. LOL! Love you Babe!}

Just today, Delaney ran up to me grinning ear to ear and holding a broken piece of fingernail between two of her grubby little fingers. She raised it up and proudly said, “My will put this under my pillow ANNND the Tooth Fairy will leave me money.” I had to bite my tongue. Hysterical inside.
Seconds later I broke my stinkin’ nail! Karma? Doubt it.
Cheers to a good manicure!
Tell me & my readers about one of the funniest things your child has said or done. ❤


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