Cheers to Blogging! // Why I Blog

Why on Earth did I start a BLOG? I teach middle school full time. I’m tired. I was the LA Fashion Editor for a plus-size eMag. I spent my free time volunteering for Backstage Creations {Still do. That’s a story for another day.} & when I had this brilliant {I wanna create and write a blog} epiphany I had two babies, under 2. Not on purpose.

Side Note: I’m okay with having back-to-back babies, now. 😊 Just to clear “things” up, my IUD failed – causing me to have our second daughter one year & eight days after our first daughter. Yep, two in diapers, two in strollers, two in highchairs, two who would cry to try to express their needs and wants. 😳 Ha! You could call me a baby expert. Thankfully, AKA was an easy baby because, DEA, her baby sister, wasn’t so easy.
Needless to say, our life is crazy-busy-fun, on most days! With quick click access to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, it was easy for me to share my everyday. Especially helpful since I never {Uhhh, still need to get right on that…} even started a baby book for DEA.

As the girls began to speak I’d quote them, tell of their daily antics {I can’t even count the number of times that someone would suggest that I write a book. Honored.}
Posting daily photos of the girls, our family, mommy & toddler fashion, and my “go-to” family-with-baby necessities became my calm way of regrouping at day’s end. Having a blog made sense. Keeping family & friends in the virtual know, of our crazy-busy-fun, always laughing right along with me and my dear husband. He’s so patient. *Insert chuckles {HERE.}

Observing my successes, and creating a “name” quickly led to building a lifestyle blog. With the guidance of my beautiful stay-at-home-mom sister – Kristin Strange (who started her blog My Strange Family about 6 months before me), attending thrilling events, a few perks and reading inspirational words of other amazing Mommy Bloggers like: Big City Moms, Savvy Sassy Moms, the little style file and Mom Trends would, and still do, drive me.

Here’s a photo of an HP event, at the glamorous Dwell Studio, that I was fortunate to attend with my sister.
Time was spent focusing & blogging on everything I do & love… from tips for dressing fashionably, shopping and traveling with kids. Sharing must-haves for moms {sometimes even dads}, babies, toddlers and beyond. Music, milestones and motivation are my passion; here, I assist and inspire other moms to be confident, savvy & lovers of their everyday.

Here are a couple of my fave examples of what I’ve created for my blog:

Each Mommy on the Go… collection includes a stroller, posh oversized bag, on trend outfit & accessories. {Along with links, not shown here, taking my readers directly to the site to purchase featured items.}
Each themed Toddler Trend… collection includes a book, toy, snack, on trend outfit & accessories. {I create collections for both girls & boys, they’re usually separate.}
I’m a mommy // wife // friend // plus-sized // confident // fashionista // savvy shopper // decorator // totally random // self-proclaimed photographer // writer // editor // blogger // talker // teacher // coffee lover
{Not always in that order.}

Our family is ALWAYS laughing, OFTEN Dancing in Carseats , asking, “Did that just happen?” & loving our crazy-busy-fun life. Every second of it! The great, the chaotic & the oh my God!
So that’s it! That’s why I started my blog. ❤

Cheers to Blogging!
xoox, Jen


2 thoughts on “Cheers to Blogging! // Why I Blog

  1. Wow. Thanks for including me 😉 It is such a gift to do something that lets you be creative everyday. That is why I blog as well. Creating is just a part of who I am and I would be lost without it. I am so glad I became a Mom when twitter and blogging started, it has shaped my life and my family in such a positive way. Watching others also drives me, so I totally get that too!

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