Our 1st Family Camping Trip

Doheny State Beach, California
• F A M I L Y & F R I E N D S • B E A C H • C A M P I N G • T R I P •

All packed up & ready to roll.
{Addison 4 & Delaney 3 sat here -waiting- for 45 minutes.}
Our girls were so excited; they couldn’t contain their eagerness to get to Doheny Beach for our family & friends “Camping Adventure!”

Day 1:
Sand, jumping waves with Mema & “Grossed-ing” marshmallows with Papa…


Day 2:
Waiting {at Dawn mind you} for our Daddy & his buddies to catch some fish with our best friend, Tether Ball anyone {yep – tether ball} & a few of the kids. Ready? Pose. Set, G O!

{“Our Group” Photo credit: @slee1225.}


Day 3:
Moms. Fuzzy beach view. Building a sand castle. Ready to R I D E !

Our 1st family bike ride.

Our last day:



All in all, an unforgettable camping adventure. {The first of many annual trips to Doheny State Beach!}

Cheers to A D V E N T U R E!
xoox Jen
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