Happy Easter

:: Happy Easter :: Traditions ::

Every Easter, since I was a tot, the tradition has been to scour the house in the wee morning hours in search of your Easter basket. A basket hidden by the Easter Bunny as everyone slept.

The tradition continued this morning. Only thing was that Addison4 hadn’t been reminded of the unwritten “rules.”

{Just search. Don’t touch. Don’t tell.}

My hubby and I were startled awake as she squealed at our bedside, schlepping Mommy & Daddy’s basket, Delaney3’s basket & her own upstairs. Grinning ear to ear and wearing the Hello Kitty swim goggles that she found in her basket. Innocence is bliss.

Later… The Egg Hunt!

& Just before Easter dinner, our family photo session. {Another tradition.} Notice the frown on our adorable yet stubborn Delaney’s face; she really wanted THE golden egg.
37 pictures later…

& one with Mema & Papa too!

Happy Easter!

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