Who’da Thought Interior Design Could Come From…

It’s Spring Break. So, my hubby & I decide to take the girls on a field-trip, to BassPro Shops. Now, lets get this clear before you start to ponder my happenstance, I’m a California girl through & through but the hubs has ties to Minnesota. {Side note: He even went “hunting” last season. Wilderness 1 : Brian 0.} Anyway…

We walked in & I was awestruck! The decor, minus the taxidermy and camouflage, was to die for. No pun intended. The mix of masculine stone & smooth wood finishes was just perfect. Who’d a thought interior design could come from a place such as this?

While walking through I started to picture a home filled with some of the treasures here. Then wondered what you’d call a design style combined with BassPro, a splash of Dwell Studio {having just laid eyes on this ‘Chic & Polished’ jewel box last week} and a sprinkle of Tuscany?

Any suggestions on the name of my design style?



Hey, a girl can dream… Right? Someday.

All in all, we had a successful experience. We only spent $60!

Happy shopping!


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