Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 2

It’s been one week with Jenny|Set|Go and I’m down 6 pounds.

Old school diet brain washing is SOOO not what’s happening with this new Jenny lifestyle of mine. I get to eat! {Wow, I hadn’t realized the reality of a portion. But, now I do and I’m conscious about my food.} I get to snack! {I have to protect my stash from my 2 and 3 year-old daughters though. ūüôā } And to top it off, the food is good!


Breakfast                              Lunch                          Dinner


My favorite meal happened to be Jenny’s Florentine Breakfast Pizzas. OMG! This new found love is ironic considering I am NOT an egg fan– at all.¬†But, after devouring this perfectly-flavorful-fluffy plate of goodness I wanted to do nothing but¬†LICK my plate! Yum. {Well, the calories are measured out for me… I didn’t want to leave any behind. LOL! Really.}

With this meal I added a cup of plump blueberries and a latte. ¬†The blueberries were picked, by my CarseatDancers and me, fresh from our local patch… the Temecula Berry Co. ¬†Yummy! It’s a good thing we went pickin’ when we did since Blueberry season has officially come to a close. My next meals will be accompanied with whatever seasonal fruit is available.



This Jenny grocery bag is HUGE! For $6 and some change it’s sooo worth getting. My Jenny¬†consultant and I were actually able to pack one week’s worth of food in and we had room to spare. ¬†Once I got home I unloaded the dry foods and placed the whole bag into our freezer. FULL!


Jenny’s Metabolic Max FIT Armband and Activity Manager¬†by BodyMedia‚ĄĘ I’ve been eying the¬†Metabolic Max accessory package which includes a plethora of online tools that work simultaniously with the Jenny Craig food and fitness goals. It measures calories consumed and burned and gives accurate insight into metabolism of the person wearing it. It suggests what you’re lacking and what is working. ¬†In the high-tech media world that I call reality this tool is such a cool addition to the Jenny program. Maybe I’ll pick one up next week.


I’ve been doing a 45 minute walk daily and have tried the warm-up for the Insanity workout twice. ¬†My hubby and Carseat Dancers have even joined me. Who knew working out would be so invigorating?




:: VIDEO Message::        Our Journey with Jenny | vol. 2

::Carseat Dancers::

AKA3: “Mommy your food looks really good and healthy.”

xo, Jen


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