Our Journey with Jenny {Jenny-Set-Go} | Health | vol. 1

Hi, I’m Jen! Welcome to DancingInCarseats. My sister Kristin & I are happy to have you join us on our “Journey with Jenny.” (Jenny Craig) With support from our Jenny|Set|Go consultants and each other we (& you) will be able to stay motivated, share weight loss tips, exercise routines and updates on our transformations.

Dear Body,

We need to start eating healthier! It’s time to exercise regularly by taking the Carseat Dancers on a daily walk (& trying a bit of Yoga & a dash of this Insanity madness too.) We’ll start by visiting our local Jenny Craig facility and sticking to their RULES. I vow to check in weekly (on the BLOG & with my sister) to stay up-to-date & motivated as Jenny will give us that “extra kick in the pants that we need” to rock this temple. Ok, it’s time to let this journey toward a healthier lifestyle begin. Ready or not? Jenny-Set-Go!

Cheers to better health!

xo, Me

P.S. Oh, and we don’t even need to count calories… Jenny has done all of the counting and measuring for us.  Whoo hoo!




This is vol. 1 of my video blog. Enjoy!


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