Luxury found in a 7-Passenger + Crossover Vehicle! 2012 Chevy Traverse | Car Review

Luxury Found! | 7-Passenger+ Crossover Vehicle| 2012 Chevy Traverse

This Car Review is by a Mom with toddlers. Enjoy!

Every so often my hubby comes up with the absolute best ideas. “Maybe we should consider getting a family car.”  He didn’t have to say that twice! I pounced on the idea figuring that he would swiftly realize what he had just suggested – GETTING RID OF HIS BELOVED TRUCK. Wow! Having always been anti-minivan, I knew that my mommy intuition needed to be hyped up for our “family car” buying experience. Comfort for my carseat dancers, my hubby, other passengers and style for myself became huge factors in determining what we were looking for.

I’m all about keeping my options open and was not dead-set on one particular make though I quickly became fixed on finding a 7-passenger Crossover. Scouring the Internet led me to this narrowed down list of options: Traverse by Chevy, Flex & Explorer by Ford, Santa Fe by Hyundai, Highlander by Toyota and Sorento by Kia. To my husband’s dismay, we visited EVERY last dealership mentioned (even stumbled upon a Dodge dealer to check out the Durango) and ended up back where we started this car perusing “fieldtrip.”

That being said, I would like to introduce you to our new family car:

The Chevy Traverse

Chevy prides the Traverse as being one which “Turns heads as EFFORTLESSLY as it turns corners;” a statement, which couldn’t have been truer. My husband has always been a Chevy truck owner so my expectations prior to test driving the Traverse didn’t ever ponder the idea of luxury until sitting in the pilot seat.

Yep, I said luxury and this crossover has it all – a sleekly designed exterior (we chose the brilliant ‘White Diamond Tri-coat’), roomy lush leather interior and a highway fuel economy that offers 24 MPG. This vehicle could, not that I’m suggesting anything, comfortably accommodate two adults and 5-6 carseats! {Just an FYI: This was pointed out to me by my sister who heard it from a Mom Trends event in NYC.} Our model has four bucket seats and a full-size third row bench across the back allowing for 7 passengers but you may choose one with two bucket seats and two rows of benches ultimately seating 8 adults comfortably. Either way, your family’s needs are met beautifully with the stylish and roomy Traverse.

Did I mention that the experience while sitting in the pilot seat was incredible? Both the driver and front passenger have heated and cooled seats, outside driver’s and inside rearview auto-dimming mirrors, back up camera and a power liftgate. The “clicker” on the key makes opening and closing the liftgate easy as pie as it is a hands-free process with the Traverse. Speaking of hands-free, this vehicle comes fully equipped with Bluetooth® which is always a plus in states whose law requires hands-free cell phone use while driving. We have Sirius XM Satellite Radio and are now OnStar safety ready. There’s even an available SkyScape power front sunroof and fixed rear skylight… Um, that’s two sunroofs! Love them!

With an MSRP starting at $29,510 I’d like to suggest that you too crossover to the luxurious Chevy Traverse.  Mommy, Daddy and our Carseat Dancers are thrilled and Daddy only misses his Silverado a little.

Happy Travels!

xo, Jen


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You can start building your 2012 Chevy Traverse by clicking HERE

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