Glen Ivy Hot Springs | “Fieldtrip” | Mommy on the Go… | vol. 20

My dear husband and sweet daughters thoughtfully gave me the gift of relaxation for Mother’s Day this year. Mhmm!  So, when I heard that my sister @Kristrange was heading to town from NYC I immediately booked the perfect day in paradise at Glen Ivy Hot Springs nestled in the hills of Corona, CA. Brilliant!

Our lovely day started with a 50 minute Swedish Massage, continued with a leisurely float around the shallow “Lounge Pool” — {Yup, I need one of the blue-lunge-pool-floats for my personal use at home.} and took a quick dip in their famous 104* Healing Waters Mineral Bath.  Though STINKY, the calming sanctuary experience was well worth the hints of Sulphur-filled-air. Next, we felt a bit barbaric as we took a frolic in the clay waters at Club Mud®.

We walked through a rock tunnel into a land of fanciful giggles and folks appearing to be ultra-tan… not totally the case.  We realized that the laughter and coloring both derived from hardening layers of the orangeish-mineral-clay that had been lathered on in the clay water-hole and left to stiffen in the Southern California sun.  Hilarious!  We spent a couple of hours just people watching and shooting the breeze in Club Mud®.

We finished out our relaxing day (away from the reality of life-with-toddlers as I have two and three year-old daughters and my sister a one-year-old son) with a healthy cuisine of Ahi Hawaiian Poke Salad at Café Solé, final hydro-treatment in the Terrace Pools and perused the Spa Lifestyle Store where we found some serious spa essentials.  Be sure to check out some Glen Ivy products in my collection below. Our experience most definitely proved to be invigorating, something especially needed in the lives of moms on the go.

Planning a day trip (adults only) to visit Glen Ivy Hot Springs ought to be added and then readded to your Must-Do List this summer & all year round for that matter.

Cheers to healing waters!
xo, Jen

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Items similar to those in this set can be purchased at     Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa Lifestyle Store

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