Review: Pinypon USA

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My preschool-age-girls (Carseat Dancers) were mesmerized with bright-eyed eager enjoyment mere seconds after ripping the wrapping off of their new Pinypon Caravan. My youngest began adding playful commentary prior to completely removing it and ALL of the accessories from the box. “Come on guys… we’re goin’ on a trip!”

They immediately noticed the surfboards and the “indoor” shower complete with an actual mirror… super cool addition! The bright colors gleefully added to the afternoon of my imaginative little girls. My eldest daughter’s favorite color is purple so the purple-haired mini doll was definitely a FAVE. They spent over an hour (a precious amount of time for Mommy) mixing & matching their new Pinypon friends.

This fully loaded house on wheels rolled from “school” down our entry hall and straight to the “beach”; proving to not only be great for play but also would be the perfect way to prepare kids for a road trip as it solicited countless inquiries regarding camping.  “Where are we going camping next?”

The price-point is extremely reasonable (the caravan is priced at $19.99), especially considering all that you are getting with Pinypon. Changing hairstyles, facial expressions and outfits… including accessories was a snap (too easy at times) for my little fashionistas. Approximately the size of a shoebox, the Pinypon Caravan is the perfect size for storage purposes as they are a smidgen larger than Polly Pocket, yet substantially smaller than Barbie and her massive ride.

There are super small parts (perfect for choking) so I would only recommend it to mature 3-year-olds+. Speaking of the small parts (and boy do I mean tiny) I would suggest that the extra pieces be stored in a small container as they are a sharp surprise when accidentally stepped on. Oops! One addition that I would suggest making to the caravan would be including a way to keep the roof securely fastened, particularly because I love the idea of keeping all of the Pinypon mini dolls and their friends safely inside of the caravan while being stored. (A few of my thoughts regarding closures were: a slim belt, a large rubber band or a pair of easy to open latches.)

Photo provided from Famosa

Overall, the Pinypon Caravan and mini dolls are a fun, colorful, imaginative way to play.

To collect & create a Pinypon World for your little one visit:
The Pinypon Website, “Like” Pinypon on Facebook, enter their Pinypon Apartment Giveaway and Follow them on Twitter @PinyponUSA!

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I was not compensated for this post I did received the Pinypon Caravan and Figures for review purpose.

12 thoughts on “Review: Pinypon USA

  1. I love Pinypon! Thank you for sharing your awesome review. I can’t wait to start buying Pinypon for my niece and all of my friends that have little girls! *Love the photos of the girls playing with the caravan.

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